Weekly Response #5

Why are the creative arts -movies, music, art, etc.- important?  What do they do for us?  What is your favourite form of creative arts and why? Finally, what is the best piece from that category you have witnessed?


15 thoughts on “Weekly Response #5

  1. For me, the creative arts are important for three main reasons. First, they are an outflow of the divine creative gift (“He made them in God’s image”, Genesis 1). Second, they bring things from the cognitive, immaterial, imaginative realm into physical, temporal existence, where those (formerly abstract) ideas can impact others via (more-or-less concrete) sensory data in time and space — movement, sound, images. Third, they allow us to explore, process, and communicate abstruse, even ineffable experiences, concepts, and emotions with the whole brain and with the whole person.
    My favourite form of creative arts is music, followed by painting or mixed media. Music is a language spoken by all people. Music is an important anthropological artifact. Though there are many “dialects” of this language, its role is as universal as any other language – allowing communication of what is within one person to another.
    Two wonderful examples of music I can think of are the jazz of Canadian guitarist Lenny Breau (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenny_Breau) and the lyrics of John Mark McMillan on his albums ‘The Song Inside The Sounds of Breaking Down’ and ‘The Medicine’.

  2. The creative arts are important because they an are outlet of expression in the most natural way possible for whoever is doing the expressing. It is a way to make others think/see something in a new way as well as bring glory to God in creating beauty for Him. It is difficult for me to choose a favourite form because they each have a different purpose for me (for example, movies often help me to think critically, music usually comforts, and art can often be used to convey beauty), but I really appreciate the depth of emotion and beauty that can be conveyed in a few minutes of song. Again, I don’t know how to pick a favourite! Each piece can have different qualities which are important to me for different reasons, but I do really love the song “Laughing With” by Regina Spektor.

  3. The creative arts are important to me because they work as an opportunity to escape and they also work as a place to express myself. They give us a way to escape the norm and the simply way of seeing and doing things. We can reach beyond the box that things are placed into and see or express them in a new light! This amazes me. I am always impressed at what people are able to express through song or the way that a piece of art can affect me. It is hard for me to say that I have a favorite form of creative arts. I think that music is probably the form that affects me the most. It can fill my heart withy joy, make me smile when I am down, or even bring me to tears. Sometimes a song gives me the ability to express to my heavenly Father what my own simple words cannot. Sometimes a simple “La, la, la” from my heart can have more meaning than 1000 words that I try to say. There is an OLD song by Point of Grace that does exactly that! “La, La, La” is the title and sometimes I just SING that song from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Creative arts are important because they can give insperation to us. Music makes you dance and you learn things from music like history or what is happening in our world. Movies give insperation or help you in school with education. They do so much for us in all different ways. Every person has a different effect to music, movies and art. It’s really hard to pick between music and movies. But it would probably be movies only because I have a huge obsession with some actors, and most of their movies they make, mean a lot to me. My favourite movie that one of my favourite actress is in, Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. This movie says so much. To me its all about family and sickness. Even if you have the worst sickness be happy and positive there will always be a silver lining. The director and actors protrayed the characters so much and did a fabulous job and they deserved every Oscar and Golden Globe for this movie.

    • Maybe people have different reactions rather than effects?

      I alos loved Lawrence in that movie. She is a really versatile actress! I think that movie was excellent!

  5. The creative arts are important because they are the most common way for humans to express themselves. Movies, music, and artwork allow us to express ourselves in ways that other forms of expression don’t. For example expressing how you’re feeling through making a painting is very different than expressing those same emotions by talking about it. The creative arts allow us to become one with our subconscious thoughts and feelings. My favourite form of the creative arts is painting. Painting can be so therapeutic when you are painting straight from your heart. A painting can be anything you want it to be and it can mean something different to everyone. There is no right and wrong when it comes to artwork and you don’t paint for other people, you paint for yourself. That’s what i love most about it. I have seen so many beautiful paintings in my life it would be impossible to choose one best piece, but I do have a favourite piece out of the paintings I have created. For Studio Arts 12 my assignment was to represent life, growth, and change in a painting and I enjoyed doing that assignment more than any other assignment I have ever had. There was so much artistic freedom, what represents life, growth, and change for me could be entirely different than what it represents for someone else but thats what I loved about it. The meaningfulness that the painting had for me, no one else could see, and it could mean something entirely different for someone else.

  6. They are all creative and important to me because it allows me to escape into another world and express my thoughts and emotions words cannot. It allows me to be able to speak in a way without words. I always like to see what kind of music people listen to because sometimes you can find out what feelings or what they feel inside. Music is my effective piece that I can really express myself. Music allows me to be who I want. I makes me happy, makes me sad, makes me hyper even gets me pumped. It allows me to go in my own world and imagine stuff. Music is always playing in my head I am always singing lyrics in my head even when I am in the silence because it brings joy and calmness. No matter where I am there is always some kind of melody or beat going on in my head.

  7. I think the most important part of creative arts it’s ability to be used as an escape and an expression. If there was no art, no music or anything, I think the world would be a cold, hard place. There would be less love or a different sort of love, altogether. There would be more mental illness, a whole lottttt more of mental illness, actually. Everyone will be stuck inside their heads, there would be no ways of being able to express the love from within themselves that eventually, I think that love would just rot. We would become these half-humans incapable of imagination. Without art there would be no wheel, no fire, no twinkie. There would be no chance of life without imagination and love. We would welcome a miserable, caveman life to be the ordinary. I honestly love all of the arts so this is harder to decide I think than it might be for others for usually other’s stick to one genre of the arts and obsess over it, I find. I really just like all of them. I guess the most important to me would be music. I say I like art, I like painting and others sorts but, how often do I find myself doing them? Music is the one thing I constantly find myself doing. My friend gave me my favorite nickname, it’s “the songbird of our lives” for she said she would constantly find me singing, strumming my fingers on desks or humming, even without my own knowledge. I really liked how she said that, it stuck. I also chose music because music has this great capability of being able to sneak up in the background of great memories. It triggers memories unlike any other art, you could really love painting or photography but, at least personally, it can’t trigger memories and emotions from within you like music can. One song that is important to me is the song Hotel California -The Eagles. I really like this song because it is something that my dad and I both can agree with, and sharing interests with my dad isn’t something very common. I guess this is a case when I think I’m more in love with the memories that the song digs up rather than the actual song, even if the song is still very good.

  8. I think that the creative arts is important because its an expression and it can be used to teach others. My favourite creative arts is music because it makes memories come to life. The best song that I have witnessed would have to be “Sigh No More” by Mumford and sons.

  9. The creative arts important to me because I enjoy being taken away to another world or place. I enjoy just losing myself listening to music or being transportd to another world in a movie. I think it’s important for us as humans to escape every now and then. My favorite creative art would have to be, hands down, music. When Mrs. Sowerby asked us to picture a world without music, I couldn’t imagine what a sad world that would be. Music to me is a way of relaxing, a way to get inspiration, and a very important part of my daily life. It is very hard for me to pick on thing from the music category that is “the best” because, I have so many favorite works. If I had to choose I would say probaly the Crash Kings album because it always gets stuck in my head, and to me that is very important.

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