Weekly Response #7: Extended Metaphor

Last week you created a metaphor to describe what writing is like. Now extend it. Unpack it. Expound upon it. Don’t just explain it literally. Draw it out with your creativity. This response is open-ended; we are looking for you to demonstrate your own Voice in writing. Spend some time reflecting and revising this post.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Response #7: Extended Metaphor

  1. My metaphor was that writing is a gateway to another world. This foe me is very true, when I read or write a story I read it for the escape. Not only to escape my life and the stress of day Ot day things but to really be transported, to feel like I am somewhere totally different to this world. That is why I love science fiction so much. It is a truly diffent world that I can get lost in. Wen I read or write my goal is to get lost in the enviorment of the story and truly forget about life and it’s worries. I also know that this is why I have trouble writing sometimes. I yearn to create a world to get lost in, and when I don’t feel like I can or am doing it I get discouraged. This is why writing to me is like a gateway to somewhere different, wild, and far away.

  2. Writing is an escape to a place unheard of, forgotten, or where you’d rather be. It is one of the only “real-feeling” experiences one can have, without being connected at all in reality to the actual experience. It brings alive new emotions and feelings within yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t have in your own life. It is as if you time traveled somewhere, had an adventure, came back, and didn’t miss a beat of your own life. It is the vacation you didn’t have the money or the time for and is a chance to walk a day or two in someone else’s shoes.

  3. Writing is bleeding. I received the inspiration for this metaphor from the Ernest Hemingway quote : “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a type writer and bleed.” Writing is telling a story, even if you are not writing about yourself, writing always comes from the heart. The way you write and what you write about comes from your experiences. What you’ve learned, what you know, what you’ve felt. You just sit down and bleed it all out onto the paper. It just flows. Often when you start you can’t stop, just like a freshly cut wound oozing out blood. When you write, it often does open a wound, all your emotions just coming pouring out onto the paper.

  4. Writing is a doves flight. I got this idea because I was thinking what a doves symbolizes. A dove symbolizes peace and freedom. Doves have the freedom to do what ever they want. They can eat whenever they want, fly whenever and sleep whenever. Writing is the same. We have the freedom to write whatever we want in writing. Its our opinion in the paper nobody else’s.

  5. Writing is the key to unlock our emotions. The reason why I chose this metaphor is because not everything we have in our heads is going to be verbal. People may get bored of the conversation and leave. The key is between the pencil and paper which is called the text.

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