Weekly Response #9

Tell us about a story we may have never heard that captured your attention.  Is it a true story?  Is it a fiction story?  WHY do you think it grabbed your attention so?  List at least three things that made it a story that made a difference in your life.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Response #9

  1. One of my favourite books is, again, a children’s book – but I first read it as a teenager and it has deep meaning that I think is even more applicable for adults! It is called “Not a Box”. It is about a rabbit who is (in different scenes) on top of a cardboard box, in a cardboard box, beside a cardbord box, etc. and each time he is doing that, someone asks him what he could possibly be doing with a box. Each time he replies, “It is not a box” and it shows a picture of what his imagination makes of this box (a mountain, racecar, burning house which he has to put out, etc.). His final reply is “It’s my Not-a-Box!”
    It is a fictional way of portraying a very relevent and real idea. It grabbed my attention so much because when I was little, I did just that: I played with boxes. They became castles, caves, cars – whatever I wanted it to be at the time! I find that I am losing my ability to look at a box the same way as I grow up, which makes me very sad. I have learned that it is important to hold onto and nurture that childhood imagination because when it’s gone, it is very difficult to retrieve. It also taught me that playing on a regular basis (especially with kids) helps one to recapture their imagination. The final lesson it taught me is that having a good and active imagination brings to life your creativity like you could never believe! It makes it far easier to write, draw, and even understand music and movies. This simply worded book says so much and is worth having on your book shelf!

  2. 1. The Girl in the Gate House.
    2. It’s a fictional story
    3. The theme and the Christian aspect of the story really grabbed my attention in the story.
    4. For one through the moral of the story to trust in God in all circumstances and it made a difference in my life by me giving all my worries to Jesus. In the story it also talks about forgivness and how even if someone does something to hurt us we must forgive them and that made a difference in my life by forgiving people even though hurts and not holding grudges against people. That story takes place in the nineteenth century and it makes a difference in my life by me wanting to read more stories from that era.

  3. A story that captured my attention is my favorite Childerns book called the king of strings. It is a fiction story about a king who controls the world with puppet strings. This story captured my interest becuase it is a good reminder that you can’t control everything in life, and if you try you with break just like the strings on the book. Along with that good life lesson this story helped me to read as a kid which is kind of important.

  4. Since I was a young child my Grandpa would tell me a story about an adventure he went on in the rainforest when he lived in South America. It is a true story about the trouble my grandpa used to get into when he was younger. I think this story really grabbed my attention when I was a child because I thought it was so cool and interesting to hear about the adventures my grandpa experienced living on the other side of the world. I wanted to go on adventures just like him when I got older. This story really made a difference in my life because it showed me what I wanted for myself in my own life, to be able to travel on go on adventure’s similar to my grandpa’s. Another thing that made this story have an impact on my life was the way my grandpa described South America. Ever since he has told me that story I’ve been dreaming of the day I get to go there and experience it for myself. The last thing that made this story really make a difference in my life was the advice my
    Grandpa gave me through this story. He was able to tell me about some of the mistakes he has made and how he got through them.

  5. My favourite story when I was younger was Nina Nina Ballerina. It is a fiction story and I loved it because the girl broke her arm and it was about Nina never giving up on her dreams even though it was tough. The three things it taught me was never give up on your dreams if something bad happens or if something goes wrong in your life. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, and life can be really hard.

  6. My favourite books was The Cat In The Hat. I loved those books so much I would spend all day reading them over and over again. It is a fiction story and I loved it because the way he always rhymed and made things fun and funny. Three things the the books taught me was one to always make things fun and try to make it a game. two always use your imagination no matter what and three it taught me to always do the best with anything I have make it into something creative.

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