Writing Assignment #11: Would You Rather Live Earlier or Later?

Sorry, my picture wouldn’t upload, so I will just type it: Would you rather have been born earlier, to explore the earth before it was known what was across the oceans? Or would you rather have been born later so you could explore the stars? Why?

I would rather have been born earlier so that I could explore the earth before every place had already been discovered. There would have been so many adventures to take part in -you could be the first person to discover something! That would be so exciting! I would probably be too afraid to go across the dangerous oceans, but I know I would at least be motivated to travel somewhere by land to find a secret, special place all my own to go to when I need to be by myself. I actually have found myself desiring lately the ability to travel somewhere someone has never been yet – and I have always wanted to live back in the good, old days – so being born earlier would be perfect for me!


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