Katie’s Bucket List

Next 3 Months


  • Study hard for exams
  • Decide on courses for next year
  • Take first driving lesson
  • Learn how to be a competent and efficient barista


  • Get my licence
  • Go camping in Deception Pass with Surridges and Martens
  • Do something special for my brother’s birthday so that he feels extra loved J


  • Go camping with my family
  • Take the Martens children out (once I have my licence)
  • Hand out food to the homeless in Vancouver

Next 3 Years


  • Graduate!
  • Go to Europe with my sister
  • Go to pastry school with my sister
  • Attend business school with my sister
  • Go to Maui with: Christy, Mariah, and Cheyanne


  • Go to Australia on a YWAM missions trip
  • Visit New Zealand while over there


  • Work/apprentice at Thomas Haas in Vancouver
  • Live in Vancouver for a year
  • Be an AMAZING maid of honour for my sister

Rest of My Life!

  • Get a car
  • Get married fairly young
  • Have children (around 5?)
  • Adopt a few children
  • Get a Burmese Mountain Dog
  • Start a co-housing community
  • Live on a farm – and finally get my very own pony!
  • Own a bakery with my sister
  • Serve the homeless meals out of my bakery
  • Go bungee jumping

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