Cheyanne’s Bucket List

Bucket list

Next 3 months


  • Get Licence
  • Study hard for exams
  • Get an A in math!
  • Buy a cat
  • Do something amazing for my dad’s birthday
  • Go to Taylor Swift with my mom!


  • Go camping
  • Get a job
  • Buy a car
  • Do something amazing for my mom’s birthday
  • Go to Mt St Helens


  • Spend summer with family
  • Watch some awesome movies in the theatre
  • Go to the lake with Katie and Alicia
  • Go to Selena Gomez with Alicia!

Next 3 years


  • Graduate
  • Go to Europe
  • Go to college
  • Go to Maui with Katie, Christy and Mariah 😀
  • Swim with Sharks!!!!!!
  • Go surfing!!!
  • Help my sister with her acting career


  • Go to Australia
  • Go to Harry Potter World
  • Share a house with one of my friends


  • Graduate from college
  • Move to Australia
  • Get a good job in Australia

Rest of my life

  • Get married
  • Have kids
  • Get a cute cat
  • Own an awesome house with an amazing pool!

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