Weekly Assignment #12: Explain Christmas to a Young Pine Tree

writing promptChristmas, my sapling, is what you are practising for. You have your entire life to grow, mature, and enhance your pine-scent. When you are ready, your family will pick you out, cut you down, bring you home, and decorate you. You are ready when some dear child gazes upon you and decides, “That one is perfect for me!” This will be of different maturity levels for each tree because each family is different and is looking for something unique to them. Now, an important thing to remember is that you do not make Christmas, you enhance Christmas. You bring the ambiance of Christmas spirit into the homes of humans, but they share with you their Christmas traditions and experiences – which, again, is unique to each family. Christmas is full of merriment, laughter, delicious smells, but most of all: LOVE. It is your duty to make sure love is shared to all within your household and each member is gifted with a present (which will most likely be placed under you). Attend to your job seriously, but joyfully. This is Christmas for a tree!


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