Weekly Response #14

What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?  Is it getting started?  Is it editing?  Is it organizing your thoughts?  Discuss your most difficult aspect and why you think that is the case.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Response #14

  1. What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?
    Essays because of the limited ideas

    Is it getting started?
    Getting started is easy

    Is it editing?
    Editing is pretty easy also

    Is it organizing your thoughts?
    Organizing my thoughts is very difficult because it is not my strong point

    Discuss your most difficult aspect and why you think that is the case.
    I think making the conclusion is the most difficult for me. I don’t like having to put all my ideas into one little paragraph.

    • Essays are an art form. They are a vehicle for communicating our ideas. When we feel uncomfortable using the vehicle, we don’t make good use of it. As we become more comfortable using the vehicle, we can do a lot more with it. If I were to draw a picture, I would use pencil and ink, rather than oil paints, because I would do a bad job of the oil painting. However, if I practiced oil painting for a few years I know I could create a better art piece in the oil painting than a pencil drawing.
      Essays are like that too. As we learn “how” to use them, they become a better vehicle to carry our ideas.
      Conclusions are hard, I agree, Payton. How are we supposed to wrap up all the great points we’ve made? I don’t know if they ever get easy – they are always a challenge.

  2. The hardest part of writing for me personally is the editing process. I have terrible editing abilities which makes checking over my work hard as I am unable to notice mistakes I have made. I also do not enjoy others reading work I am not proud of. I think this is a problem I can get over with a bit more practice which is why I am in this class.

    • I’m really glad that being in this class has helped force a bit of that out, Riley. While it may be uncomfortable at first, learning “how to be edited” by others is invaluable.
      My suggestion would be to read out loud everything you’ve written, like Anne Lamott said in her chapter on dialogue. Does it flow? Does it ring true? Is it awkward? Many of these things are caught in spoken word.

  3. It all depends on what I am writing. If I feel passionate about a certain topic or idea, then, of course, it is easy to get started! If I am not, then getting the ball rolling is a pain because I don’t feel inspired in any way. Once I have got an idea of what I am doing, then I usually find organizing my thoughts to be a straight-forward procedure that I actually enjoy! It helps my make sense of the piece I am about to write and it makes the writing process a lot easier. Finally, editing is always a challenge and I do find it frustrating because I never find that I get it just right, without any errors. So, if it is not an instance where I am uninspired to write, the editing process may be the most challenging for me – or for anyone, really! I think this because it can be extremely difficult to catch your own mistakes as they seem to escape your eye as you write and reread your own work.

    • The fluidity of writing is also one of its most beautiful characteristics. We can say the same thing so many ways, and none of them is “wrong”, per se!

  4. The most difficult part of the writing process for me is getting started on my work. I find it hard to organize my thoughts and come up with inspiration and idea of what to write about. I’m not really sure why this is the case for me. Alot of the times I think it may be connected to a lack of interest or motivation for my writing. Although, even when I am excited or passionate about what I am going to write about sometimes it is still hard for me to get started on the piece and figure out what exactly my writing will be about and how I will write it.

  5. The most difficult of the writing process is editing. I find it hard to take cristism and listen to what others have to say.

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