Weekly Response #15

If you could give us (Mr. Ketchum and Mrs. Sowerby) one piece of advice to make this course better for next year it would be:


13 thoughts on “Weekly Response #15

  1. If I were to give you advice for next years class it would be to do more class presentation projects like the author project. The reason I think this would be something that would help with next years class is becuase looking at great authors and works of litature helps us become better writers.

  2. My piece of advice would be don’t give out anymore essays. We already know how to do them and we do them in other classes.

    • Thanks for your comment, Chelsea. We believe there’s always room for improvement. We’ll keep your feedback in mind for the “how” of the essay. We know you write plenty of essays about various topics, but there’s an opportunity in Writing 12 to improve the quality of our argument-writing, which has connections both to everyday life and to post-secondary education.

  3. My advice would be not to give a project out that week than let us work on it for the rest of the week and than give us another project the following week and let us work on it the for a week. I would also agree on what Riley said, about doing more presentation. It also helps people get out of their comfort zone.

    • Could you clarify what you mean, Cheyanne? Do you mean “don’t give out more than one project a week”, or “don’t give out projects each week”, or do you mean something different?

  4. Hmmm… maybe marking and handing back assignments more promptly. If we received back feedback on our assignments and projects right away we could learn from our mistakes and, hopefully, not make them on our next assignments. Unfortunately, in this course we were not able to do that as we haven’t received some marks/feedback on assignments we finished at the beginning of the course.

    • This is a really important point, Katie. We apologize for those times, and it’s a personal professional growth goal for me for next year. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to remind or ask your teachers if you feel they’ve been amiss in getting things back to you promptly.

    • I agree with you completely Katie. This was definitely an area that was a struggle for me. It is a goal for me to improve upon this year. Thanks for your feedback!

  5. More communication between Mr.Ketchum and Mrs.Sowerby for next year. It seemed like you guys didn’t notify each other quickly enough. I don’t know maybe I am wrong. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.

  6. I think I would probably prefer having more small projects and assignments consistently rather than having big papers and assignments occasionally. I feel like each unit had one big project, and I think it might be less stressful if there were more small ones, especially because it helps us practice and put to use the skills we are learning and get more feedback on our work.

    • Thanks for this feedback, Jessica. It seems there are two types of people: those who favour a small number of larger projects, and those who favour a greater number of smaller projects. We will work on balancing the two!

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