Weekly Response #1

Your first weekly response is a personal response. Make sure to answer all the questions and proofread and edit your response before publishing your paragraph response as a comment below.

Who is your favourite author? How come?


8 thoughts on “Weekly Response #1

  1. My favourite author is Dr. Seuss because of the way he enjoys writing so much and how he has the deepest meaning through his words that can affect different people in different situations and in different ways. He is an extraordinary talented writer and is someone i sincerely look up to because of the way he exploits and uses his thoughts into his own words.

    • That’s interesting Nic! I don’t know if I would have pegged you as such a Dr. Suess fan. Which one of his books in your all time favourite??

  2. My favourite author of all time has to be Tolkien. I was introduced to The Hobbit at the young age of four when my uncle got me the retro 1988 animated adaptation of The Hobbit. I loved it and read the book when i was ten. Since then, I’ve read The Hobbit over five times and am currently reading The Lord of the Rings. His books have inspired me to want to become a fiction writer and I hope this course aids me in reaching that point.

    • This is great Conner! Tolkien is indeed a master of writing. He has the ability to create a place where people can escape-such a gift! I wonder what your specialty as an author will be? What are some things we can teach you that you think will help? What are some areas that you feel you need work?

  3. Stephen King, Although I do not read much of his books, I have read the shining, and a book I can not remember the name of. Stephen King is the first that comes to mind and I say this because when I read the shining, it gives such an eerie atmosphere and I never knew you could get such chills from just a book like so. Books don’t usually make me feel like i’m in the world of the book, the shining just did it for me, the way he describes everything makes it so bold and clear, and the images that come to mind are disturbing which is great. I feel like books should make you feel disturbed at times.

    • Wow Kyle! The Shining is eerie indeed. Did you read that for English 10? I can’t remember if that was one of your reading choices. Perhaps to make reading more enjoyable in the future you can look for books that are similar in style.

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