The Author Project

Good influences are what writers need. Choose an author who you admire, and put together a project that includes the following elements:


A) Research Report: Use headings for the following information. I recommend Noodle Tools to keep your research organized and accessible. Plagiarism is absolutely unacceptable. Always track your sources.

Timeline: Create a timeline of places and dates. Include author’s birth and death (if known), major places of residence, childhood events, adult life events. You may want to this in a graphic layout or a list.

Major Publications: List of major or interesting books, poems, anthologies or articles.

Influences: Write two to three paragraphs on people, places, and things that influenced their writing.

Stylistic traits: Describe what distinguishes this author’s writing from others. For example, what themes appear in their writing? If you are doing C.S. Lewis, you could comment on his allegory. What topics come up? If you are doing Shakespeare, you could talk about mistaken identities. Do they avoid happy endings like Steinbeck? Are they social-justice minded like Flannery O’Connor or Shane Claiborne? Does he or she struggle personally with loss or death in their own family like Edith Nesbit did?


B) Reduce your research information down into a powerpoint, prezi, or keynote presentation that contains graphics as well as text. It can contain a video or audio as long as the recording is not more than three minutes in length (so you are not relying on the video to do your presentation for you).

C) Choose three items/objects that symbolize the author and their works. Bring these objects and explain them in the presentation.

D) Select a quintessential excerpt of the author’s writing – one paragraph to one page – to read out loud to the class.

You must practice! The total time of the presentation in full should be no less than 4 minutes and no more than 10 minutes.


  • identify distinguishing characteristics of a writer’s style, such as diction, syntax, rhythm, and imagery
  • support a position by providing evidence from literary works
  • analyse multiple works of a single author within the literary tradition of the English language

One thought on “The Author Project

  1. Author Biography Resources, compiled by Ms. Freeman

    Harper Collins Publishers

    Bio True Story

    Book Browse

    Teen Reads

    Teacher Tap – Scroll down to Young Adult/Adult

    Book Reporter

    Authors on the Web

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