My Tree

Trees are what supply the oxygen in the air that keeps us alive. They create oxygen from something that is called photosynthesis. The defence mechanism used by trees against bugs and birds is a sticky sap the flows from the outer layer of hard wood. The roots stretch deep into the dirt in search for water, tearing up and cracking any sidewalks or roads in the way. Roots are a key part in a tree because they do not only supply a tree with its water but they hold a tree firmly in the ground.



One thought on “My Tree

  1. I’m impressed by this comprehensive description of a tree. I like that you took the non-fiction, informational approach but still managed to use some very colourful language that keeps the subject ‘alive’ in the reader’s mind.

    Reading the sentences from one to another, there is also a pretty good sense of flow to this paragraph, but I think smoother transitions could be used so the topics don’t seem quite as disconnected.

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