The Tree

As the tiny tree sat in the open field the child went to this widespread oak tree to sit in the little shade listening to the breeze and soothing sounds of whitenoise wind. As years had gone on, the oak tree grew to be gigantic, and croaky. Although this oak tree had gotten old it never seemed to fail providing shade on a hot summer day out in the fields, and never seemed to fail at pleasing the middle aged mans worked muscles after a long day of work in the fields. Excessive amounts of years passed by and as the old man sat at his window and took a last look at the grown oak tree, waves of comfort swept over smelling the fresh red scents of the oak tree, and he took his last breath of life.Image


3 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. I really appreciate how you manage to fit a man’s entire lifetime into this short piece, Kyle, linking the way that he appreciates the tree to each of the three stages of his life. You use some uncommon descriptions which makes your writing stand out. A quick grammar check will boost the strength of this piece (for example: remove the word “had” from before “passed by” in your final sentence).

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