Weekly Response #3

goldberg writing promptThis week’s writing prompt comes with a challenge: to be honest, but not to spill all your darkest secrets all over the reader. This is a wrestling match you will fight as a writer constantly. Please write a few paragraphs that address each of the questions on this prompt.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Response #3

  1. For this weekly response, we expect that you write a little more than a simple one-paragraph response. Write enough that you can actually get into it. And don’t forget to edit!

  2. To be perfectly honest, the thing that disturbs me the most is the prospect of my faith in God being wrong. My faith has been shaken before and more so in the last year. I call myself a christian and I have felt close to God at one point or another, but there has always been small periods of my life filled with doubt, and my relationship with God has been shaken. Theology and the one true religion are topics that I like talking about and that is why I always have questions and those questions further fuel my doubtful thinking. Questions about God’s personality and methods of thinking fill my mind. For example, why did he bother making all of this if he already knew what was going to happen; The pain he would have to go through to save our wretched souls as well as the inevitable sin that would set these events in motion. This could be stretched out into multitudes of questions, statements, and paragraphs about my doubts. I guess what I’m trying to say is, When I find death’s cold grasp around my throat, will I see the light-filled glory of God, or simply darkness. Or, is there something much worse in store than darkness.

  3. The biggest fear i have is complete darkness. it may sound childish but i have a overreactive imagination and when faced with the blank canvas of the dark, it can be horrifying. my imagination goes to work thinking about anything that could be hiding there. there could be someone just a few steps away and i would never know, they could be holding out a knife to my neck and just waiting for me to step into it, or someone waiting around a corner for me to walk past. i guess i don’t really fear the dark, its more of a fear of the unknown, what could or could not be there, whats real and whats not.

  4. Something that I fear and disturb is the aspect of friends and family leaving everything behind to pursue a career or a certain lifestyle that will consume them of their time, and passion leaving them feeling empty, and unhappy. The reason this disturbs me is due to having thoughts about the future and having no one to be around with from my past. It disturbs me to think about the fun I used to have with them and then knowing how they one day could be off doing something they dislike such as, working for a job they don’t like, pleasing people they don’t like, and ultimately pursuing a lifestyle of stress, and emptiness of passion, and hope. Knowing that 75% of their life could be pleasing unpleasing people. What i’m trying to get at is that leaving your loved ones behind to find limited amounts of happiness will not add up to a healthy lifestyle and can affect the ones you love most.

  5. The thing that most disturbs me is people that lie right to my face. It’s saying to me that they don’t trust me or have any respect for me as a person. It’s something everyone does but is something we can for sure try not to do and clean it up. The things that i fear most is that my future family won’t love me as much or tell me the truth or anything along those lines. It’s just scary thinking that i will be a dad one day. Or at least i am planning on it. I just want true love and affection towards one another in my household. Having kids is a huge step but is something i would truly love doing with someone i love and care for with all my life. And to be honest on the inside i am a softy. But I’m sure everyone is they just can’t admit it like i just did.

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