Weekly Response #4

Why are the creative arts -movies, music, art, etc.- important?  What do they do for us?  What is your favourite form of creative arts and why? Finally, what is the best piece you have witnessed from that category?

Comment by Friday, September 27 at midnight.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Response #4

  1. Creative arts are important for us because they have an influence on us and they also are inspiration for us when we are creating art projects. It’s a hard decision for me to choose between music and art because I really enjoy creating art while I am listening to music. The best piece I have witnessed from all the creative arts category is a movie and the movie is the Titanic.

    • Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have to “choose between” art forms in real life, but often that artists are creative in multiple ways?
      The creative arts do inspire us – and they communicate in subtle ways that plain words can’t get at, don’t they?

  2. The creative arts serve as an escape for most people. For some, it takes the form of a hobby that keeps them level and reduces stress. For the lucky other people out there, it can turn into a career. Providing you excel at your practice, painting, sculpting, designing, music, acting, film making, writing etc. can all be viable career options. I for one, use two of my favourite things, writing and playing music, as something to do and something that is relaxing and calms me down. As stated, music and writing are my two favourite forms of art and I hope to turn writing into a stable career someday. Examples of my favourite texts or books are The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien and the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R Martin. I basically love anything Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Writing is something I want to do as a profession and it is a great escape and a huge aspect of my life. Therefore, it is my favourite form of art.

    • Phenomenal! It would be interesting to explore this theme of “escape” you mention. An escape from something, or an escape into something? Perhaps an escape into a concept, a colour, a musical key… even the spirit of God?
      Indeed, writing can be both an escape or a way to process very real and concrete experiences and make them tangible to those who have not walked through those exact circumstances.

  3. creative arts like movies, music, and art are important because they give us entertainment, inspiration, and something to focus on other then the world around us. my favourite form of creative arts is music, the inspiration and emotion music brings out is a unique feeling that not a lot of things can give. out of the many song i enjoy, my favourite would have to be “Rise and Fall” by Myuuji.

    • I love this quote from Michael Gungor in his book on creativty, The Crowd, The Critic, and The Muse:
      It’s fascinating to me how certain combinations of sounds can carry such emotional weight. What is it, after all, that makes a minor chord feel more melancholy than the “happy” major chord? It’s amazing to me that by simply lowering the third of the chord a half a step, the composer can create an entirely different emotional response in the listener (41).

  4. Without creative art I believe this world would be completly dead. It is the essence of expression itself. It is one of the most important things in my life, seeing as though it is one of my talents to make music, sketch, collage work n what not. It allows an individual to express there feelings, self esteem, thoughts, etc, even through just seeing art, and listening to music itself can be a form of inspiration that can inspire one to make some awesome art pieces themselves. Even if it’s not good in others eyes it’s about what you would like to see for yourself, or hear for yourself. Art is just awesome.

    • It is so vital to take joy in what we create. I will post an incredible video of a 2-year old having the time of her life drawing with a marker. Taking joy in creating alleviates the stress of trying to impress others, be like them, or live up to expectations. I mean, excellence is important, but authenticity is harder to come by.

  5. I think creative art is a form of expressing how you feel about what is in your mind. To see what is in your mind to actually using it for yourself to see and enjoy is an amazing experience. Music is something every human being loves. Music comes from within us. Comes from the heart. Comes from your imagination. It is something that when you are down that it can lift you back up. It is something that if you want to feel like you are in a concert that you can just blast it and just have fun with it. Music is an expression, just like art. Express yourself. Be free. And that’s why those two are so important.

    • What I hear you say is that art is to take the abstract in our mind and to make it concrete for others. What a powerful and joyful thing, to take what is inside us and to make it sharable by others.
      It is so important to be free to express, isn’t it?

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