Weekly Response #7: Dinosaur Ambulance

Weekly Response #7: Dinosaur Ambulance

I went to work and I had so many emergencies that I had to attend to. To be able to get to the emergencies I got to ride on a dinosaur! The dinosaur carried all the safety equipment that I needed. Sometimes it was a really bumpy ride, which wakes me up. That is a good thing because sometimes I need to be woken up. At the end of the day I am quite tired and sore, but glad that I am able to help keep people safe.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Response #7: Dinosaur Ambulance

  1. Today Timmy and I had some more work. Due to his size, it took me a bit to get on him, but only a few hours later i was on my way to helping the poor fool in need. After another hour of riding Timmy, i saw a tree. Not just any tree, a really really big tree. Well i few moments later i found myself just looking at the tree for hours with Timmy, but as i saw the sun set i remembered that it was time to go home with a full weeks pay in my pocket. So i turned around and started heading back, Whoever it was that needed help would have to figure it out on his own.

  2. Riding a dinosaur ambulance as a paramedic is an indescribable experience. People really get out of the way when I come down the road on a job. I mean, who wouldn’t want to not get crushed by a dinosaur. One job I had was particularly interesting. There was a poor man who was suffering from some unknown disease who needed immediate medical attention. He lived super far from the hospital and a regular ambulance wasn’t going to cut it. Me and my dino ambulance were called onto the job. I hopped on my mount and rushed off. We saved that mans life and became town legends. A trend was started that day. People only ride dinosaurs to save the day now.

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