Weekly Response #8

This week, two questions:
Which social media platforms do you use? List them.
What do you want to learn about how to more powerfully use social media?
Respond by Friday, Oct 25.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Response #8

  1. 1.I use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
    2. I want to learn how to use social media more powerfully by when people are being cyberbullied then I can use the things I learned to make them stop.

  2. 1) FaceBook

    2) I can post stuff on FaceBook about how people should stop bullying which I have done before. I can post pictures on Instagram about it as well. And I could snapchat people and say to stop bullying someone. Basically, I can use any of these to try to help people out.

  3. 1. Twitter

    2. I want to learn how to build a fan base for my writing on twitter to get myself out there.

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