Why Social Media?

Here’s an open-ended question for you to muse about and respond to. (You could pretend you are describing your answer to a person who is not familiar with it.)

Why has social media become so popular?


6 thoughts on “Why Social Media?

  1. There’s definitely a lot of reasons why social media is a popular and one of the most reliable sources of entertainment in todays age. Social media goes anywhere from sharing funny photos to finding out about the war in Syria. It’s a reliable source of entertainment and information that almost anyone in North America uses on a daily basis. It’s also a good way to stay connected to friends, families and various communities.

  2. I think social media has become popular because of how easy it is to find things and how you can connect and talk to all your friends. Social media is a new way to find out interesting things. It’s always fun to go on some sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because you can update things and post things that have happened or that you found out and other people can see these things. It’s a very useful device to talk to people that live far away. The main thing I think that makes social media so popular is how it’s the “cool thing” to get the newest item/device. To have something faster, more efficient, and better is why people keep buying into things such as an iPod, iPhone and laptop. I don’t think people will ever stop using social media because ideas and companies just get bigger and bigger.

  3. For years and years humanity has been trying to invent more efficient ways to communicate with one another. Phones were groundbreaking in that you could talk to people over long distances instantly. Now, the thing about social media is that, not only can you talk to people or multiple people at once, but you can let everyone know what you are doing without the cumbersome process of calling them. All it takes is pulling out your phone, opening up twitter, and tweet what you’re up to. It appeals to people who want to keep in constant contact with their friends or relatives without the effort needed to pick up a phone and call them and converse. The ease with which communication is achieved is simple with the use of social media, and simple communication is what the people want.

  4. social media has become so popular because it can let communicate from all around the world without ever leaving their homes. Not only that but people now have ways of finding information that they could not get before, be it news, or just funny pictures. Social media also gives the feeling that wherever you may be, your not alone if you can get on Facebook or any social media site.

  5. I think social media has become so popular because it is a fun and entertaining way to use time inefficiently. Also, it is a place where a group of friends or even just two people can talk without having to call each other or send a letter. They also don’t have to talk face to face, it is the easiest way to just tell them something important that is going to happen or if they just want to talk.

  6. Social media has grown tremendously in the last few years, and I think the one of the reasons it is becoming such a big thing is because it is something that our society has never experienced before. When new things are being invented more and more people are wanting to try it out. That explains why people are trying out different social media sites, but why are they catching on? Social media is great for staying connected with friends that you don’t see nearly as often as you used to and this is one of the reasons so many people are using it. Also, for people that don’t get out as much and aren’t as social it allows them to be somebody that they have trouble being in the real world. This might not necessarily be a good thing but I think it is what makes social media so huge.

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