Create a Profile (First Assigment)

Welcome to Writing 12 for the 2015-2016 school year! This blog will be one of our greatest tools in this class. It gives us a place to communicate with one another, is a platform we can use to express our work, and is something that you, will be able to come back to years from now as a Writing 12 alumnus!

Your first assignment, is to create your profile for this blog!  Thanks to Winston Knoll Collegiate for this idea.

You can earn 15 marks for this assignment. The guidelines are as follows:

A. Go to your email and ‘Accept Invitation’ from my recent email to you.

B. Visit and log in using your shiny new Gravatar profile.

Your  Photo Upload (2 marks): (Dashboard > Users > My Profile)
1. Upload an appropriate photo (of yourself or of something which represents you) for your public profile.

Create your “About Me”  Profile:   

2. A poetic statement   (4 marks)

Write a brief statement about yourself using the very simple haiku poem format given.  A haiku poem is only three lines long, but be sure to also include a title for your poem in the form of a noun which describes you.


Line one must be five syllables (beats),

Line two has seven syllables.

Line three has five syllables.



Songs light up my day

So what’s to do, what’s to say?

In love with music

3. Your mission statement  (6 marks)

Create a personal mission statement of no less than three sentences about yourself.  Some of you have had Planning 10 with us and did something similar in that class.  Think back to that assignment!  You will find ideas and inspiration for creating your personal mission statement at

4. Editing, revising, proofreading, and visual presentation (3 marks)

All published works should be carefully proofread for accurate grammar and spelling. In addition, given that this is a personal statement about yourself, attention should also be given to graphic arrangement of  text.

You can flip through the profiles of past students to find ideas, but your profile must be something that is unique to you!


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