Weekly Response #1: Comfort Zone (due Friday 16 September)

This week, you’ll respond to this quote: “Success lives at the edge of your comfort zone”.

Use the six-traits-writing-rubric to plan, edit, and evaluate your own work. You’ll submit your piece (printed, please) and your evaluation (marked rubric) to me on Friday.

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmN4xOGkxGo to 4:34
Life happens outside the comfort zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84VXQjBVVUE
Begin at 5:32 Stop wishing, start living https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY563CmDM78

9 thoughts on “Weekly Response #1: Comfort Zone (due Friday 16 September)

  1. Success can be a tricky subject. Because in a way it can be different for everyone. Everybody has their own idea of success and their own way of achieving it. But what is the best way of achieving success?

    One thing I was always told growing up was in order to achieve success, you must work hard. You must always work hard or you will never get anywhere in life, but why. People work hard all the time and sometimes they just flat on their face, so who was the person that decided it was key to work hard to achieve success. But of course in the end hardwork will most of the time payoff, but what if it doesn’t.

    I remember the moment I finally realized success is not always due to hard work, and believe it or not it was from a stupid picture I found on the internet. It was a group of men all struggling to push a giant cube, but one man was pushing a sphere with ease. Then at the top it read “Work smart, not hard.” and I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that yes you should work smart instead of hard. But that’s not all you should do to achieve success, hard work will still be somewhat of a factor.

    But what happens if you have all these great ideas, and are determined to work hard to achieve them, but you are too scared of the outcome. That’s why the most important factor to success is to go to the edge of your comfort zone. Think about how disappointing that would be, to only have your mindset on how and when but never be able to show your creation because it’s not in your comfort zone. But if and when you push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, it will be the best decision you have ever made.

  2. Many people who are looking for success never want to go the extra mile. They do not want to go outside of their comfort zone because they are afraid of what could happen. Going outside of your comfort zone can be very risky but at the same time it can be very rewarding. The people who are at the top of the food chain have taken many risks outside of their comfort zone. They have learned from it. Of course they’ve made mistakes when they’re outside of their comfort zone but they learned from it and overcame it.
    People who do TED talks did not learn over night how to speak in public. It takes many years of practice. Most people are very scared to talk on stage or in front of people but when they keep doing it again and again, they overcome it. The same can be done in your case, whatever that may be. Just keep doing things that are slightly uncomfortable for you and eventually, you will get good at it. Doing what you are comfortable with is not always a good thing. You need to take risks to succeed. If you never take risks you won’t learn from your mistakes.

  3. I find that this quote speaks truth. When you’re comfortable in a situation, it usually means that it is something you’re used to, and usually the things that you are uncomfortable with will be the things that let you progress forward. Let’s say you write a story, it gains quite a bit of notice and you are asked to speak in front of an audience at a TED talks, you’re uncomfortable with public speaking or being put in the spotlight and you’d rather not do that. It would ultimately lead to a dead end. However, if you manage to overcome that feeling and step outside your comfort zone, go out and talk about your product, it would most likely lead to even more popularity. In turn, more success for you. If you always stay inside your comfort zone, you will always stay in the same spot.

  4. Hi, Success. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Alex, and I’m a human. Funny, isn’t it? Humanity. Rare, these days. Nevertheless, I do identify as having it and belonging to it – now, isn’t that a thought?

    I’ve always found myself restrained by my disapproving companion, Comfort Zone, up until very recently. Growing up in a conservative household, one often finds themselves placing limiters on themselves. “If I do this, I’ll probably get frowned at… better not do it, then,” seems to be a common type of limiter. As a result, I’ve had a very intimate relationship with our friend Comfort Zone: despite my misgivings, the books and stories that I grew up surrounded by continually told of amazing, beautiful experiences that our life can introduce us to – except in those books, the characters were always pulled by outside forces, unlike myself, which caused a struggle within myself when I yearned for change. Although this outside tugging can sometimes occur, I later learned that in order to be an interesting person, you don’t necessarily need an interesting life situation. Rather, by refining and shading yourself, you can expose yourself to new spices to add flavour to your life.

    As I aged and realized that my years were passing by much too quickly, my inner conflicts resolved and decided that it was about time to take myself and go supernova. And, well, that’s what I did! Just like the Kepler space telescope witnessed the fantastic and awe-inspiring expansion of a star into a supernova, I was able to see myself transition from what I had often described as “the most shy, introverted, quiet kid you might ever meet,” (INFP) to an INFJ, and then quickly into an ENFJ. After each transition, I realized that I had retained each of the traits that I believed were most admirable, and they had culminated in who I am to this day – and this process will, no doubt, continue! Comfort Zone, that old nagging friend with my best interests in mind, no longer pushes me back, but rather nudges me from the side, in case I begin to wander from the path which I strive for – the path to my life’s successes.

  5. After saw those video, I found out that people have different ways or opinions to be success. A woman in the video said if you are lying on the comfort zone in your life, you need to push yourself out, try something that you feel hard and scared. Because when you try it, you will know it’s not as scary as it looks. This sentence suddenly cheer me up. I always face the same situations too, I feel that life have many problems that need me to solve, I will wait until the time close to the end, I am too scared to change my life. But after I finished it, I will feel relaxed and nothing is hard than I think before. People might ask why we need to push our self in this intense life, we can just stay where we are, and lying on the comfort zone. But after that we will be tired on the day by day’s repeating, we start to think to have some challenges to make our life be “colorful”. That will led our life to success. About the definition of successful, some people will think to have many money or reputation is success. Like I said at before, people have different opinions and pursues on successful, if people could make their dream came true, that will be successful in their life. Those video really hit me in a deep thinking about my life. They used their own experience and number to tell us that to be success is not scary as it looks!

  6. It is said that success begins at the end of your comfort zone. Most people will never get to experience this or know if it is true or not because of the fear of the unknown. It is called a comfort zone for a reason. For some people the fear of failure is the greatest motivator of all, for others it is paralyzing. Life slips away faster than most of us like to admit. We need to start taking advantage of the precious years we have now. The fear of failure is one of the biggest factors that will hold you back from allowing you to achieve your goals and strive for your aspirations. We tend to hide from the edge and slip away beneath our blanket of comfort and that safe zone we rarely venture out of. Not only does success begin at the edge of your comfort zone, but life in all it’s entirety as well. When we are finally able to move away from what holds us back, a whole world of opportunity will open up. There is gold for you at the end of that dark tunnel, you just need to have the courage to get over the darkness and step through it.
    When we talk about success and how to achieve it fully, we search for every secret possible that holds the key to that golden locked door of mystery. The real truth is, there is no ‘secret’ to success. It is all more simple than we imagined it to be. Success begins at the end of your comfort zone. Those who hold back, weary of change and afraid of the unknown will not reach the success we all hope to achieve. Those who are able to take leaps, be progressive and step away from what we know are the people who will find the most success. The human potential knows no bounds, we just need to be brave enough to test it out. We need to start testing our limits. Most of us have “limits” in our lives that we tend to set for ourselves that completely disable us from knowing what we can achieve.
    One of the biggest things I see people struggle with is being able to embrace change. Lucky for me i’ve lived in six different cities, moved about five times and have been in seven different schools. Embracing change comes naturally. Most people that I interact with find change absolutely terrifying. They tremble at the thought of something being ‘different.’ This is the exact thing that will hold you back. How can we find success and take leaps of faith when we tremble at the thought of change? Change is healthy, and is completely good for the soul. Do not be afraid to take that step, you can become your biggest enemy when holding yourself back. Let yourself achieve your full potential and let go of that rope we so tightly grasp on to.
    One thing we can do to help move our mindset towards progress is using comfort as a flag. When life seems a little too comfortable, change something up. Look at the situation with the understanding that you are capable of achieving anything you want. If we look at life through this lens, the opportunities are endless. There is nothing standing in the way of you and true success, whatever success means to you. The journey to success is not about what school you attended, how much money you possess or anything about your credit or reputation. Success is a mind set that starts with stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to take that leap. What you find in the end will be more rewarding than you could have ever imagined.

  7. The dictionary’s definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Everyone takes their own path in achieving their own goals. There are necessary steps one has to take to reach success. It’s following through with these steps that will bring you to succeed. Everyone has their own comfort zone. It is in our comfort zone where we feel at ease, safe, and confident. As life goes on, we are put in situations where we have the choice to expand our comfort zone or stay as it is.
    Personally, I was successful getting the job as a lifeguard. In order to become one, I had to take the necessary steps to certify as one. I took courses that pushed myself mentally and physically. Before I took the courses I was shy and lacked confidence. Through the courses I was constantly driving myself out of my comfort zone. Whether it was having to tell aggravated parents why their child could not pass a level in swimming lessons or simulating a spinal injury in the deep end, I was willing to step to the edge of my comfort zone in order to reach my aim in becoming a lifeguard.

  8. Success is a tricky thing to come by, sometimes the laws of physics hold you from it and other times it’s your comfort zone. We were taught since we were little to not do things because they were dangerous. As we got older we either listened or we didn’t. Our comfort zones have always been holding us inside a bubble regardless of how big or small it is. Extremists have big comfort zones or they choose to break out of them but a grade five girl would have a tiny comfort zone. She would choose not to climb the high trees or play the contact sports in fear of falling or getting hurt. As she got older she might be faced with opportunities to go beyond the bubble she lives in, examples are climbing a mountain or going parachuting out of a plane. Doing these activities will ultimately lead in success or failure. She must exit her comfort zone to complete the activity and be successful. There are always more extreme versions of opportunities to break free. A young man might want to become a pilot but is scared of heights, he could train his whole life on the ground to be a pilot but in the air is where it matters. overcoming this fear would be breaking out of his comfort zone and being successful. Everyone would have a more adventurous life if they challenged their comfort zones. I plan to always challenge mine.

  9. People say that success of one’s life can be reached by “stepping out of your comfort zone”, or to be simpler: challenging the unknown. Before I came to Canada, North America was just a large piece of land on the map for me. I knew the U.S. was a superpower and the leader of the world, but Canada, um… it has a quite interesting flag. My family and I weren’t sure if I should go to a country where I barely knew anything of, besides the people are friendly, most of them speak English, and there are a lot of Chinese there. And of course, one thing that worried us the most was whether or not me, a fourteen-year-old girl, would be able to take responsibilities for myself. Back then, I wasn’t sure of my values, I didn’t have a clear plan for my future, all I was thinking was that I could get better education there, I’ll be able to go to a world-top university, and plus, it sounded pretty cool to study abroad. I had no idea of what to expect: how the signs on the road are all in English, how there are so little people on the streets, how one grade is the same as one class which has only ten people, how I would live with a family that I don’t even remember all their names,etc. However, just like the old Chinese saying, “newborn calves are not afraid of tigers”, I had more than enough confident in myself to say that I have sufficient potential to overcome any problem even without family by my side. Therefore I came, with two large suitcases full of clothes and excitement, and fortunately, I’ve made my way through my almost completed high school life. Today, when I look back to it, I really appreciate my ignorance that kept fear away, and also my courage to go for the unknown. Even though I definitely can’t say that I’m successful right now, but I’m positive that I’ve did my best in my past seventeen-year life, I’ve pushed myself enough to get to a place where I never thought I would be, and on my eighteenth birthday, I’ll be able to say to myself, “hey, I’ve done my part. Now it’s your turn to get into the adult world. And don’t forget, ‘things are never as hard as they look’, because I’ve tested it out for you already”.

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