Weekly Response #4: Fall Has Started (Due Oct 7)

From hopeless fatalism to bright-eyed wonder, leaves must run the full gamut of emotions during fall. Grab a rake and see what you can do with this writing prompt.
From bright-eyed wonder to hopeless fatalism, leaves sure must run the full gamut of emotions during fall. Grab a rake (or other, more helpful, writing utensil) and see what you can do with this writing prompt.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Response #4: Fall Has Started (Due Oct 7)

  1. It was autumn. The last season of my life. Or so I had been told. There were many rumors going around the tree that once the cold weather hit us, we were expected to jump off the tree and die. I don’t know why the tree didn’t want us anymore, or why he expected us to die. None of us had ever experienced this before. We were all afraid.
    That night, it was colder than ever. I had a very hard time going to sleep. The next day, it was even colder. It continued to grow colder every night until one day we couldn’t stand it anymore.
    “I’m gonna do it!” the leaf next to me exclaimed. I turned around in fear. With the next gust of wind, he was gone. The other leaves started murmuring. What had he done? Why had he jumped? Was he crazy? Or should we all do what he had just done? A few leaves jumped together off to my right.
    It was then that I knew that the time had come. I don’t know how I knew, I just did. Maybe it was the coldness in the air. Maybe it was because the days had become repeatedly shorter. Maybe I felt safer because so many leaves were doing it. Maybe I just didn’t want to be last. I don’t know. But I jumped.

  2. It was time for mama to let us go. She didn’t want to of course, but she had too. My brothers, sisters and I were so sad. The sky was grey and wept with us. We all waited anxiously for the day we would all have to leave. I shivered and looked to my brother on my right, he looked at me with such sadness, “alright sis its time to go.” And with that he let go. I looked to him in horror as he hurdled to the space below; I began to panic and saw that my siblings had followed suit and began to fall with him. Days later and I’m the last one, I looked to mama and sighed. “Go on little one,” she said, “I will always love you, you are forever in my heart, don’t you ever forget that.”

  3. I liked it up there. I felt safe. Me and the others danced with the wind and whispered softly all the time. I remember the morning when I woke up and looked down, seeing my newly green coat and the land below. Sometimes at night I heard the grass whispering back. When the wind grew colder and the rain played with us more often, my coat began to change color. My lovely green slowly changed into yellow, and then orange, and then red. I liked it a lot. I looked like a flower. Once I said hi to the morning sun and the ground started moving. I thought that was weird. I had never seen it do that before. It drifted towards me and kissed my cheek. I liked it there. I felt different, almost like I was in a dream. Mr wind picked the ground up and carried it back where it belonged, and then brought the street to me. I laughed thinking it was great fun. Mr wind had never done anything like this before. I whispered to my friends asking them if they liked it too. They didn’t answer me. I looked up and saw all my friends flying around behind me. It was good to know they were having fun too. The wind showed me so many things that day. I grew tired, and when I took a rest I saw how radiant my coat had become. Then something picked me up. I couldn’t tell what it was, for it had fingers and was not graceful at all like Mr wind. It waved me around and around. I was afraid I would be ripped in half. Then I was placed back down and two flat arms embraced me firmly. I am still here today. And I’ve been reading Les Mis pg.243 ever since.

  4. It was finally descending day. I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life. I had always wanted to ride on the wings of the wind away from this tree that I have been bound too. I was excited to explore new places and see new things. I had gotten tired of watching the same old building and same old road a long time ago. I was daydreaming about my adventures when the leaf next to me started to panic. I rolled my eyes because I didn’t understand the leaves that were scared. There were ones that cried even as they were freed from the tree. They were pathetic really. I could still hear them whimpering on the ground right under the tree where most the leaves ended up. They were all bunched together in a giant blubbering mountain. I shuddered at the thought of landing there myself but I knew I wouldn’t. Those leaves only ended up there because they didn’t think of going anywhere else, they were too scared to think of going anywhere else but I had a plan. I was going to go right for the forest on the right of the building where there were hundreds of trees! We were the only tree isolated from the rest of them and I wanted to see what it was like. From there I’d go wherever the wind took me until I’d had my fill of adventure. I would leave this world by providing a satisfying crunch for whichever lucky human decided to step on me. Yep. It was the dream life. A gust of wind slapped me right out of my thoughts and I knew it was time. The wind was strong and headed exactly where I wanted but I had to hurry or it would pass by as fast as it came. I shook with excitement, at least, I think I did. I wasn’t sure because it could have just been the wind. I waited for just the right moment to jump.. Almost there… Almost…. NOW.

  5. Our tree had told us about this day, we had been preparing for a long time. The warm air we had become so familiar with had given us warnings. The sudden and brisk breezes, the darkness setting in earlier and earlier every day, and the spiders that created their webs around us. We knew that we would soon have to glide through the air, making our way to the smooth pavement below. The color we were made it easier. Green was for staying with our tree during the sunny days. We were soft and vibrant. Pleasant to look up at. But once we turned our amber colors we felt safer and eager to fall. We went one by one to get to the ground. There was only me and few others left. Then I noticed that they were all beautiful orange leaves and I look at myself and saw red. I hadn’t seen another red leaf left on our tree. They told me I was lucky! That the only red leaf in this crowd of orange and yellow leaves was good luck for the cold days ahead. A big pushing gust of wind came through our tree’s branches. I saw them all go floating down before me and I sailed through the sharp air along with them.

  6. I woke up and realized it wasn’t just a nightmare, it was real. Today was the day of all days. The day many had looked forward to and others feared. Today was the day all us greeny’s started “developing”, as mom puts it. Mom always warned me about this. She sat me down at least three times to have “the talk” with her. She told me every leaf goes through this and its just a part of life. Most of my friends couldn’t wait for this day, but unfortunately, I could. I didn’t want turn a new colour and drop all that way just to have those weird aliens walk all over me as if I was just part of the sidewalk. I would rather stay up here where it’s safe. Up here I could watch as strange things passed by, I could stay with my friends, but my favourite part of being up here was watching the rain trickle down. The baby raindrops landing on me, just long enough to say hi, and then fall back down. I looked around and noticed all my friends starting to change, but when I looked down, I was the same old green me. I waited and waited. Time passed and soon it was just me, the last one to leave. I kind of wished I was down there with everyone. It started to get lonely up there. Finally I noticed a speck of orange on my back. It spread and spread until I was fully red. Then I let go my branch and fell. It wasn’t at all what I had expected. It was more of a glide then a fall. I floated throughout the air, smoothly. When I landed, I was calm. I heard shouts from my friends all welcoming me.

  7. I have live had a long life. From spring to summer to fall. Spring, seems so long ago now. Starting out with beauty as flower. Then getting stronger through the season. I had many friends around me. Some of my friends and big and strong. Well other small and cute. We all had different jobs thought out the summer. It hard work, being us. May of my friend were killed. Being riped out, before their time was up. I was a guard, protecting the one of the many apples that grow up here. They were like royalty. We had to be there with them until it was time for the to go. I was proud of my work. I worked hard all my life. I’m tired now, its been long. It time for my friends and I to let go. I’m ready and I am happy. I finally get to rest.

  8. Fall is coming. It’s time to let go. I am becoming more and more anxious. I don’t want to leave… Day is getting colder, my hands are weaker than before. I might fell down from the tree every single second. I am trying my best to hold the branch. I don’t want to leave…I was born in Spring and I was bright green and I was energetic. Until fall came, I became golden red. As I am recalling my life, my friends are falling down one by one. They are waving to me and they look delighted, but why I am so scare to let go? I don’t know what will happen to me. Here is safe, warm and the air is fresh. I don’t want to leave… Suddenly, I do not have any power to hold the branch anymore. I am falling down from the tree. Finally, I lost my mind.

  9. I’m feeling a little down lately. My friends have gravitated away from me and have left me alone. They’re just gone like the wind, and never to be seen again. In fact it seems like everyone I know has seem to have left, like this is some strange apocalypse and I’m the only one left. When I look down my brown wooden street that was once filled with my neighbors is now empty and lonely. I’m feeling so sad it’s as if i’m changing color all together. The vibrant green is draining from me and i’m becoming an unsettling orange and yellow color. I’m curling in on myself and I’m loosing my grip on reality. I can feel the life leaf me and plucked from my home. I’m plummeting into a unknown abyss and I fully except my end, so I close my eyes and wait for death. When suddenly I gently land in a pleasantly foreign place. I look around me and I’m surrounded my my friends and neighbors. I’m reunited with them once again and oh how happy I am. What a wonderful season this is.

  10. day 276: Each day grows colder and colder. I’ve begun to turn a sickly shade of orange. Autumn has come and with it comes my demise. Old man Jenkins warned us. He knew what was to come. I remember when I was but a young leafling, he would be shouting day and night. “The end is nigh!” He would say. The whole community wrote it off as the ramblings of an crazy old man. We should have listened to him, maybe we could’ve stopped this epidemic. Now it’s too late. Nearly the whole tree is gone. My neighbour, Binson, was the most recent to fall. The harsh winds ripped him off his branch. I held on for dear life, but Binson wasn’t strong enough. I’m afraid I might be too weak to hold on. With each minute the simple task of hanging on becomes more and more difficult. Exhaustion is beginning to set in. The next gust will surely end in my death. I don’t even know why I’m writing any more; as if there will be any survivors to read it. I fear this will be my last entry.

  11. Each of us has a short life- from spring to fall.
    In the fall, me and my other friends like to talk about the memories when we were young. We used to be strong ad up facing the sun all day along. Some bird friends would sometimes come and talk with us.
    However, everything changed in the fall. Our face starts to have wrinkles and it is harder for us to straighten our back. We are facing the ground all day and watching people pass by. We are so lonely because our bird friends are gone to a warm place. We can’t even have a good sleep at night. It is too cold and wind always shake us awaken. One time, my friend above me falls to the ground silently. From then, I know my destiny. We are not disappointed instead we appreciated our red gold coats and shows our best to the people who pass by. Wind introduces us a new friend rain who always tickle us and hurriedly goes away. I’ve been waiting for the day coming in this way until I can’t help to shiver and float down down to the ground. I can see the sky again and it is my first time to see the place I used to live and it is also my last time.

  12. The wind. It never stops. It is constantly approaching, tormenting us. Going soft, seeing how long we can stand. Then it starts to get angry, it has become sick of waiting. With a mighty roar it hits us like a brick wall, taking many of us with it. Those who still stand, won’t for very long. There we go. Torn from our home and left in some alley or field. We now wait for the big metal claw to come and finish us off.

  13. The other day, I noticed something interesting that was in my point of view. The other trees were turning orange. Now my mother had told me never to judge another person wether it be their appearance of personality, but there was something strange about that tree. My tree was green and full of other leafs such as myself, greener than the grass thats always greener on the other side. But this trees leafs were orange and red, almost like a flame. Maybe I’m thinking to much, i’ll rest on it.

    The next day I looked straight ahead, the only direction I can look. The orange and red tree was bare. Nothing but the skinny twigs holding onto the large branches. The leaves have all died. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I guess i’ll just wait and see.

  14. “All Leaves Go To Heaven”

    I can feel my body tightening, my back deforming. I know this is normal, we have all been told when our lives will come to a steady close. I’m not scared of death. I embrace it. All of the others feel the same unfamiliar, but excitement overpowers us. My skin becomes darkened, black spots and tiny holes cover my surface, it doesn’t hurt, though. I am anxious to discover what awaits me on the other side. Mother Tree has always told us tales about who we become after death, where we go, what we will see. She says the life after this one is much better, brighter, a world where we will never feel scared again. We become concerned when we think about leaving Mother Tree, but she affirms us that we will have a new parent, someone who will love us much more than she does. We shake our heads in disbelief.
    We are awaiting the wind to sweep us away. I look around to my brothers and sisters, knowing I will see them soon once again. We all hold our breath as the strong wind propels us into the stale fall air, preparing ourselves to land softly to our death. I watch as the ground comes closer, I close my eyes and feel the surface that I imagined would be brisk and strong, become soft and welcoming. I lay on my back, with my siblings surrounding me, and feel a sense of comfort I have never felt before. The sky and everything enclosing on me becomes white, and I am at peace.

  15. I am so excited. Mom says that theres this time every year when we get to go to the ground. My mom is the biggest maple tree in all of Vancouver. I am one out of 5,640 of her children. She tells us stories every night about how in a few weeks we will be big enough to float down to the ground. Some of my sisters are scared of not being with mom anymore but she says that we will regrow in the spring. The weeks are going by so slow and I’m counting the seconds until my stem will fall and I get to twist and turn down to the ground. The ground is a magical place where there are animals besides squirrels and birds who bug us all year round. Mom says its time to go to bed now, till next time.

  16. Today is my seven-month birthday. I am an old grandma leaf now. These days I am always amazed when I think about how time flies by. I was a newborn baby leaf just a few months ago. I came to this world with full excitement and wonder. I would rustle in the wind whenever I see a person walking past, a car parking along the road, or a dog peeing underneath me. I can still remember the time when I saw the first bloom on the cherry blossom tree right beside my mother tree. It was pink as the blush of a little girl’s cheeks, dancing in the cool breeze, under the golden sunset. It was the most beautiful thing I have never seen in my almost ending life. Since then I have always wondered if anyone would feel the same way when they see me. It feels like it was only yesterday when I was a young green sprout, full of hope and energy. Everything has happened so fast that I hardly have the time to realize how I changed from green to yellow, yellow to orange, orange to red, and finally red to brown. My body becomes drier and drier. But although I feel so thirsty for water, I do not have the energy to suck it up now. I start to have wrinkles. Dark spots start to grow on my body. My connection with the mother tree is getting weaker and weaker. I can feel my body so light in the cold fall air. It definitely feels bad to die, but I am truly thankful to be a leaf, to have dewdrops dripping off my feet, to feel the breeze brushing against my face, and to be able to see a cherry blossom tree blooming elegantly. Now I only have one last wish: I hope that after I die, the wind could take me around to see the world I did not have a chance to see as an alive leaf.

  17. In this huge green tea garden, I am a small piece of leaf living in a green tea tree. I am tininess and lucky to live in this beautiful garden. Because of my body is not good enough for the the level for the tea, so the human left me with my mother’s body. I am envy with my other cousins, even they leave their mother’s body, but they produce the happiness and joying to the human, they are useful. Only me and some leafs become useless in the whole life. The time gone fast than I think, now is the session of fall. My body start become brown, and I can do nothing to stop it, my other family members are starting to fall to the grand, that is the place when our life story end. One of my cousin ask me : did you scare about the death? Suddenly the wind blow, I used my whole power to answer, no, but I hope I can be useful at my next life… My eyes close and I sleep in on the grand, the story end.

  18. One by one they fall to the ground beneath the strong old branches of our wise mother tree. She has been speaking of this season for many months, preparing us for our plunge to the ground. When the wind blows, I cling to any strength I have left. Mother tree said this is natural and I should let myself go. But every part of my being wants to hold on and stay united with my familiar twig. Why is it that the pine needles get to stay all year round but us leafs have to leave every fall. I find this is wrong and unfair and I tell this to mother tree but she does not want to hear any of it. Weeks have passed and there are only twelve leafs left. Mother tree tells us that we must fall so new leaves can grow in the spring. It is a sacrifice we must come to peace with. For the next eleven days on each day one leaf drops. And every passing day I cannot bear to let myself go. So twelve days later, I am the last leaf left on mother trees branches. I look down and see below me a blanket of white. Fear fills my cold little veins and with a gust of wind I close my eyes and finally let go. I keep my eyes shut and allow the icy wind to twirl me and guide me through the air. My eyes open and it is as if I am looking at a new whole world. Then I reach the white bed beneath me and look up at the cloudy white sky. I feel a sense of freedom as I look around from a whole new perspective. I see mother tree in the distance and she whispers in the wind, “You are brave my little leaf, I am proud”.

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