Weekly Response #5: Best Advice You’ve Ever Received (due Oct 14)


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Have you taken this advice to heart? Tell us about your process.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Response #5: Best Advice You’ve Ever Received (due Oct 14)

  1. A friend once told me that I’m not any less of a person for falling victim to the cycle of depression. He reminded me that even the best and brightest people in the world fail sometimes. When I heard (well, read, in this case) him say that, I became aware of the fact that my depression does NOT dictate who I am. It does NOT mean that I am a weak person. It does NOT mean that I am any less of a person. It does NOT mean that I am a lost cause. It does not define me. I am going through depression, and that means that I haven’t given up. Depression is something that can be escaped, and can be battled. I am facing depression, and I will continue to face it until I have won.

    • This is so true. Some of the greatest women and men, some of the greatest souls and minds, have struggled with a mysterious and seemingly inexplainable struggle. It is no secret in the pages of the Bible that the enemy comes to “steal, kill, and destroy”, but that Jesus came “to destroy the works of the enemy”.

  2. “Honesty should pay” a co-worker told me this. I agree with this completely. Even though the truth can hurt you should never be afraid to say it; it’s what is right. I always will remind myself of this because I, like anyone else, am not the most honest person at times. So this is a good reminder, but you shouldn’t expect to get something overtime you tell the truth; because in reality thats not going to happen. But its a nice thought.

  3. “If you are at the lowest point of your life then the only way to go now is up” and the famous words of Dory from Finding Nemo “Just keep swimming”. Whether it was something as trivial as studying for a test or something a bit more serious like when I wanted to give up singing, these pieces of advice encouraged me and made me think “Well why not. I’ve got nothing to lose and I might as well finish what I started.” Its the pieces of advice that make me give my best in all I do and keep me persistent and determined in life.

  4. “Just do what makes you happy”. It’s simple but it’s something that I needed to hear. I used to be almost obsessed with making sure others were happy. So much so, that I didn’t even acknowledge my own feelings. I’ve learned that above all, I need to make sure that I’m getting through the day in one piece. And doing what I love, whether that’s just chilling by myself and playing guitar or travelling the entire globe, is the best way to go about that.

  5. My good friend Elle Balakrishnan once told me, “Life is pizza and workouts.” This has encouraged me many times throughout my life. When I’m feeling down about myself or my body, I remember that there is always pizza… and always workouts to burn it off. Pizza was given to comfort us in our times of need. And workouts were given to us for when we eat a little too much pizza. But the important thing is that it all balances out in the end.

  6. My Mom told be once, “To make your dream happen, if you really want it. You have to work hard to get it and not give up.” This makes me realize, if I really want it. I need to work hard for it. It won’t just happen on it’s know. And when or if my dreams come true, I know I got to make it happen by working hard to reach it.

  7. It has not been from a family member, or someone I’m close to. It’s simple been from someone on the internet. The best advice I have ever heard is “standards don’t define you.” I think about this phrase almost everyday. I am the type of person who gets stressed easily and overthinks , but this has kept me grounded. Maybe I said the wrong thing during a conversation, or I did something embarrassing or got a bad grade in math class. That doesn’t mean that I’m not smart or I’m bad with people. What defines me is my thoughts and what I think of myself. At the end of the day I can truly say that I am happy with me and that the events that occurred that day or that week, I don’t regret. Because those things have shaped me into being someone I am proud to say that I love. It’s so wrong that when anyone expresses love for themselves, society shuts them down and says “wow you’re so full of yourself.” It’s contradicting don’t you see? We’re judged and ridiculed for everything we do and yet when someone works hard to overcome their insecurities and low self esteem to the point where they say they love themselves, we are judged again and said to be “self-centered”. There is no pleasing society. But we can be pleased with ourselves. I know who I am and it took a while to figure that out but I did, and I love her.

  8. One night, I felt so upset of my life and I kept crying till midnight on my bed. The next day, I saw a quote on the internet. It said “When you are laughing, the whole world will laugh with you; when you are crying, only yourself will cry.” Since then, when I felt unfair or hopeless I would think about this quote. It told me how I could actually impact the people surrounding me. Our emotions came from our inside heart and we were not transparent so we should not expect anyone’s care, comfort or understanding. Everyone likes people who have positive powers. Smiles are the most attractive thing in the world. Rather than being depressed by ourselves why don’t we share our happiness with others?

  9. Sometimes, people will feel depressed with no reason. There was one night, I felt upset and lonely. I might was tired about my orderly life. At the same time, I saw a post on Instagram, and I saw it said “Don’t lose hope, you never know what tomorrow will bring.” I felt encourage and clicked into the the Instagram account and saw all the positive sentences.I read most of them and I felt I was full of positive energy. I started to expect new things around me and give myself a motivation for tomorrow.

  10. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received, even though it is an extremely tacky cliché, is to “love yourself for who you are.” These words can get me through the toughest days when I’m getting down on myself, doubting my abilities and finding every reason to dislike who I am. When you struggle with insecurities, you tend to find your darkest places and you bury yourself in them. Though, when you are reminded that you should just love yourself just the way you are, quirks and all, it can certainly get me out of the most somber head spaces. Loving every bit of yourself, not comparing yourself to others achievements or others lives will give you a key to so much self-love and happiness. When we contrast and measure ourselves to the person next to us, what they have and what we do not, envy will surface, and envy will certainly steal us from our contentment. Know that God made you a specific person, unique and beautiful, just the way YOU are. You are alike to nobody. Out of seven billion people in the world, there is only one you. Take advantage of what God made, and love yourself for exactly who you are.

  11. The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is “only pack what you can carry yourself”. This was told to me by my aunt when I was telling her about my life and friends. I like this because it reminds me that there are situations where I’ll be all by myself and when I try to count on someone they won’t be there. In this life I believe that you can only count on yourself because everyone has a different mind and different boundaries. It’s good to have people that you can trust and talk to but to know that there will be times in life when you’ll have to deal with things alone.

  12. Kids always see life as a fairy tale. As I grow older, I start to wonder about my future in a more realistic way. I worry about whether I could get into a good university, whether I could have a well-paid job to support my education, whether I could find someone who loves me and understands me always standing by my side, etc. Especially with me being all alone overseas without my family, I am often confused about whether what I am doing right now is the right thing to do. One time I was once again lost in worry and confusion, my mom told me this sentence through the phone, “If you are in full bloom, the butterflies will come to you by themselves”. This is the best advice I have ever received, and it has become my life motto since then. It teaches me that I should focus on building myself into a better person, instead of constantly worrying about the unknown future. Life has numerous possibilities, but if we are good enough in specific areas and in being a person in general , there is no doubt that we will get great job opportunities, find a good quality life partner, and have good relationships with our family and people around us. God is just, and he will give us things that is equivalent to the effort we put in.

  13. How cheesy would it be if I said, “Wax on, wax off”?
    Or perhaps “Tug, slack, reel,” which applies not only to fishing, but also to finding a balance in how we manage our lives – if you search for the metaphor hard enough.
    A personal favourite is, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” (Norman Vincent Peale)
    Reading through the replies left here, I didn’t even know that Kiera was already my friend in October, one year ago. However, it is the piece of advice that I gave her that she wrote about in her response. In return, it’s only fair that I write about something that she taught me, even if it wasn’t what I would call the best advice that I’ve ever been given. (And between the two of us, it was usually me offering advice.)

    The life lesson: People don’t need to explain themselves to you.

    A gunman can bring a weapon and fire upon your class, and you may never know what drove them to it. A politician can allocate resources away from your community and give them to the wealthy, and you’ll likely never receive an answer to your questions. A friend can disregard your friendship, and they don’t owe you an explanation. So when people turn as cold as a glacier, don’t expect it to melt and reveal a warm fireplace just because you ask nicely.

    A lesson learned the hard way.

  14. “Continue in the same way you began; utterly needy and radically dependant”. I received this advice from my sister Mikayla who heard it from a good friend. What it means is to continue in your faith the same way you began. I thought back to my childhood when I first accepted Jesus into my life, remembering how I felt. I loved Him with everything I had and prayed to him continuously everyday. Never did I doubt his existence. Then as I grew up, I continued to follow God but I would distance him from my life. I was dependant more on myself and felt I didn’t need God as much. Hearing this advice allowed me to see this, and how utterly in need I am of God and how radically dependant I should be on Him.

  15. The best advice that I am ever received is from a website, I think that is an advice that I would never forget about it. It said the reason why God made us with two eyes, two ears and only one mouth, because God want us to listen and see more than we talk. We all know that speak is powerful, but the reason why we need to listen and see, it is to get the information that we need to said, we need more knowledge to make us to be a better person. Observe other people’s emotion and the surrounding is our basic skill after we walking to the society. At before, I thought that I do not need it, because be yourself is more important than learning how the observe other. So I always will hurt some people by accidently including my parents. Until my mother teach me a lesson, she start to treat me in same way, she wants me to feel the feeling, suddenly I realized that care about other people is really important, it will change your interpersonal relationship between friends and family. Also it will decide what kind of social status in the future. Even now, I still learn how to use the eyes and ears more than my mouth, but I know how important the way that we talk.

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