The Count Of Monte Cristo

View this class content: The Seven Types of Story: Plot & Archetype in Fiction

Using the material from the link above, the previous post on The Hero’s Journey, the post on the Seven Types of Story, and your viewing of The Count of Monte Cristo (Reynolds, 2002), write a piece (essay is preferred) responding to this prompt:

What plot types are present in the 2002 film The Count of Monte Cristo? Give evidence from plot events for each plot type you recognize. Also make mention of key characters and their archetypes during your discussion of plot.

Assessment criteria:

  • Plot types correctly recognized
  • Key character archetypes and key plot events are worked into the piece
  • Suggested word count: 700-1000 words (3 to 4 pages, double-spaced)
  • Shows commitment to purposeful diction and writing mechanics

First draft due Tuesday. Fully revised draft due Friday.


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