Weekly Reponse #7: Something That Makes the World More Bearable

Weekly Response #7: Write something that makes the world more bearable



25 thoughts on “Weekly Reponse #7: Something That Makes the World More Bearable

  1. Blankets.
    The feeling of crawling into bed at the end of the day to go to sleep.
    Snuggling and burying my face in the blankets.
    Using a small blanket to protect myself from the cold classrooms of the school or the seat of the car.
    Wrapping it around and sitting in front of the TV watching a movie with my family.
    Wrapping myself it a blanket and studying at midnight with only the small light of my desktop lamp and laptop
    Pretending that it was a cape and running around the house during my childhood
    The familiarity that covers the blanket.
    Blankets are objects that often go unnoticed but are always around us and affect us in some way. From our childhood blankets have given us a sense of protection and comfort. They make the world much more bearable. The best part about having a blanket is that you can just use it to cover your face if you don’t want someone to talk to you any more. If they annoy you, quietly cover your face with your blanket, get up and walk away.

  2. Late night Chinese Food.

    Showing up to King’s Kitchen ten minutes before closing on a Friday Night makes my week. In the weekdays leading up to the weekend, knowing that the inevitable feast of Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet-N-Sour Pork and Lemon Chicken makes the days much more bearable.

  3. There are many different things that make life a little more bearable. Simple things like only hitting green lights when you are driving. Things like having the person in front of you pay for your drink at Tim Hortons and then you pay for the person behind you hoping that just maybe you might make their day a little better. It’s not the big things that make life more bearable it’s all the little things that will make the biggest difference.

  4. A warm cup of tea after a long day at school. A steaming cup as soon as the sun comes up. A cup of tea that has been cooled in the fridge after a long day of playing in the summer heat. Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, with or without sugar, caffeinated or decaf. Whenever I have a bad day, I have to remind myself that there is some good in the world, in the form of a hot, aromatic beverage. With this thought in mind, I can have a happy ending to any day, no matter how lousy it was. Tea is enjoyed all around the world, and it is the second most popular drink, the first being water. Many people are comforted by tea, and it makes the world more bearable.

  5. Snow makes the world more bearable because when you wake up and look through your window you can see a snowy christmas. It is a feeling that when you first see it you want to see it every year.

  6. Something that makes the world more bearable is music. It doesn’t matter what sort of mood you’re in, there’s a song, an album, or a genre that can relate to whatever mood you’re in. There are times where you want to jump around and sing along to your favourite song, and there are times where you just want to curl up on the couch and listen to Adele on repeat; and, of course, every mood in-between.
    If you’re feeling something, there’s a song for that.
    Knowing that someone else has gone through what you have is comforting, and when it’s set to music, it makes it strangely more so.

  7. Waking up and being able to pour myself a cup of tea. That makes the world more bearable. Looking out the window and seeing what the weather is like while the sound of the kettle boiling in the background keeps me from spacing out. Tea is a comfort drink, with different flavours to fit whatever mood I’m in. There is the added bonus of having a cool mug to go with your favourite tea. Its acceptable to drink regardless the weather as well.

  8. The world is a horrible place filled with horrible things and only the love of my friends, family make it bearable for me. Those few interactions I have with friends every most of the time is the only thing that keeps me going. Though I love being alone have those few moments few my friends keeps me in the right place of mind and keeps me moving on in life.

  9. Music make this world more bearable. Music can make you want to sing long and dance. Music brings people together. It makes people laugh and smile. Music is something everyone knows. Even if they never heard it like we do in Canada. They hear it through animals and life around them. Music is in all of us. And knowing this makes this world all more beautiful and bearable.

  10. Dogs make this world more bearable. My dog bring me so much joy. How he follows me around the house, and how he sleeps at the end of my bed every night. Coming home every day to my dog squealing as I walk in the door. When I’m home alone it makes me feel so much better knowing my dog is with me. I don’t know how I would survive without dogs in this world. Seeing a cute puppy makes my day so much better. Dogs are perfection and this world would suck without them.

  11. Hoodies make my world more bearable. When mornings are hard, the world is too cold, or I don’t want to go to work, putting on an oversized sweatshirt makes me feel better. Hoodies are warm, comfortable, and the closest thing I have found to experiencing a hug. And don’t hugs make everything more bearable?

  12. Music means a lot to people’s life.Diversity of music make our life colorful. Different kinds of music brings different feelings.
    Music will heal broken-hearts. When I left my hometown, worried about my new life in another unfamiliar country. I put my earphones on and closed my eyes. Lyrics encouraged me and brings me motivations and hope.
    Music will brings the world closer.In music, Language is not an important part. Most of people enjoy to listening different country’s music. Music brings music lover together in different countries.

  13. Dogs make the world much more bearable. When I come home, tired and upset, and my dogs come running downstairs excited to see me, that just makes my day a little better. When I’m angry, stressed, or depressed, I can always remember my dogs will always be happy to see me.

  14. A warm homemade meal makes the world more bearable. After a long day outside, sitting down and looking at the stream in the air release all my stress. The meal contains her love because she has been trying to put every ingredients that I like in this meal. The food warm my stomach and my entire body. When I tell her how delicious the food is, she will give me a big smile and tell me to eat more. A warm homemade meal is not just food, but is a display of love, happiness and true emotions.

  15. An escape, something to distract from the hurt in the world or even help with it. Something that makes the world a little more bearable is music. It makes a person feel so much in just a few minutes. It’s my number one thought to lose myself in music. From when something horrible happens to when I’m in a really good mood. It’s my way of expressing myself when I’m happy, stressed, mad, hurt or anything in between. Playing it or listening to it, music makes the world more bearable.

  16. I love the world I am in. I love what surrounds me, who surrounds me. My world is bearable. I live in a place where I am considered lucky. Lucky even just to walk outside my door and not be threatened by violence. To say I need something to make the world I am in more bearable would be arrogant. Maybe it is because I have never really had to face true, gruesome suffering that allows me to see my world more than bearable. I live in a world where I am not a refugee, a prisoner of war, a slave. I am free to make decisions, whether I am craving sushi or a burger, pumpkin spice or mocha, to gym or not to gym. Sadly, many humans in this world that SHOULD be able to make these simple decisions, cannot. Because their world is far less ‘bearable’ than mine.

  17. papa johns make my life more bearable. Not the pizza, just papa himself. With his sly smile and strong pizza making hands, he brings me more joy than anyone else could ever in this world. I love you papa.

  18. I love to watch movies. I can watch movies for hours without stopping. Sometimes i prefer to watch movies by myself but other times having people to watch with is nice. I also watch tv shows. They are fun to watch.

  19. A loved one passes away, your parents are fighting a lot, arguments are multiplying, stress levels are getting higher and your motivation to cope with it is weakened, and you stop smiling. You don’t say “I love you” anymore. When you’re out you compare yourself to others and they are always placed above you. They’re more happy, they have nicer clothes, they have a better body, the list goes on and you sink deeper and deeper into the depths. Your own personal world, the world that lives inside of you is developing an atmosphere polluted with hatred and envy. Your eyes are shaded with a coat of lust and your heart is caged in efforts to keep the aching away. That confidence you once had is now only a mask. Underneath it lays a face of insecurity. This world of yours is bearable, but it’s undeniably corrupt. All of our own secluded worlds are. We shelter our troubles and bury our pain into the ever growing pit; showing only the shallows. Open your world to someone that cares and share your depths. Share everything about yourself to them. Because they will always listen. They will never be distant from you and will come quickly when you need them. They will be your strength and will lift you from the depths you have sunk. They will open your eyes and unlock your heart. You will feel the bruises and feel the aching that has been fighting its way to your heart. It will hurt but they will comfort you. And you will confide in them for they have already suffered your burdens. And when you do, you will smile.

  20. A fantastic little collection of cold cream and sugar. Ice cream is known as the cure to heartache, the remedy for emotional disaster, the relief for tired people. What’s more pleasant than sitting down to a nicely sized bowl of unhealthy goodness?
    It can be a rare luxury in some households, especially with diets trending towards the healthier comfort foods. (If they’re healthy, are they even really comfort foods at all?) However, it’s difficult to deny yourself the cool embrace of a smooth chocolate or vanilla dessert. Taking it a step further and dipping your spoon into a good Oreo or chunky Mint Chocolate Chip sundae can easily be the pinnacle of a lethargy-filled Sunday.
    It is important, however, to remember that as wonderful as ice cream may taste, it is not the final solution. As a companion, it may carry you through the daytime movie marathons and nighttime sob sessions, and an extra carton can even extend your numbness for a bit longer. Eventually, though, ice cream won’t fix that which is wrong in the world. It won’t write that college essay for you. It won’t text back the person that you thought you had finally gotten over. And as much as we may wish it would, ice cream will not do your taxes, even though a small portion of gelato at the end of the day can very easily help you unwind and relieve mental exhaustion. It’s also certainly a better option than hitting the bottle.
    The world is not an impossible place to be. As far as planets go, I’d say Earth isn’t actually all that bad. Ice cream is just one little thing that helps make the world as enjoyable as it is, so feel free to make use of its availability.

  21. Love definitely makes the world more bearable. Any difficulties or unhappiness in life is way too small comparing to the love and care we get from others. When we know that there is someone crying when we are hurt, and smiling when we are happy, it gives us so much encouragement and motivation to overcome any obstacles and reach towards our dreams. It also gives us courage to be bold and try what we really want to do, because we know that even if we fail this one time, we are not a man with nothing.

  22. IKEA definitely makes the world more bearable. IKEA is amazing, you can literally do anything. Every piece of furniture is in that store and its so easy to build. Plus they set up furniture displays like they would look in a house and I love them. They also have amazing poutine apparently which I will have to try.

  23. Airplanes make the world become more bearable. I am so glad some people invest airplane to make each country, each family become connectable. Each time, when I took the airplane back to my hometown, even it will spend 13 hours to stay on the plane, I also think that is worth it, because I could see my parents in another day, it makes me become exciting. I am glad that I am living in this magic world, because the airplane, everyone get chances to travel around the world, and see the different part of the earth, and everyone can quickly to reunion with their families.

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