Weekly Response # 8: Imaginary Eden survey

Weekly Response # 8: Imaginary Eden survey

Copy the list below and create your imaginary Edenic world.



19 thoughts on “Weekly Response # 8: Imaginary Eden survey

  1. landscape: An archipelago nation. Islands connected by channels of water; good for sailing and rowing.
    climate: Warm, just this side of hot. A balmy 25*C.
    ethnic origin: A true mixture of races.
    language: Danish. Such a beautiful lilt to it.
    weights and measures: Everything should be measured in moments.
    religion: Christ our saviour and Lord. All you need is love.
    size of capital: 1 million in population, with plenty of space for parks, cottages with vegetable gardens, and bike paths.
    form of government: A true theocracy, managed by God.
    sources of natural power: tears of joy
    economic activities: storytelling, artistry, gardening, rearing of animals, hunting, gathering, fishing, contstruction
    means of transport: Bicycle, horse, hot air balloon, and ship for long journeys.
    architecture: Spacious villas, mansions, cottages. Communal gardening is broadly encouraged. Rowhomes and tenements strictly forbidden.
    domestic furniture and equipment: Plush armchairs, pools, and rocking chairs shall be common.
    formal dress: Pretty dresses for the ladies and austere robes for the men
    sources of public information: Storytime in the evening.
    public statues: Geometric shapes and babies.
    public entertainments: Full orchestra, or the banjo. Slight twang.

  2. You can copy this form to begin your response:
    ethnic origin:
    weights and measures:
    size of capital:
    form of government:
    sources of natural power:
    economic activities:
    means of transport:
    domestic furniture and equipment:
    formal dress:
    sources of public information:
    public statues:
    public entertainments:

  3. landscape: lush and green. probably seaside.
    climate: breezy, but warm.
    ethnic origin: European
    language: elvish and english but everyone speaks with a scottish accent
    weights and measures: metaphors and similes, “as big as a horse”
    religion: I’m gonna say fairies. Because if you don’t believe in fairies, there’s no power. (see “sources of power” below)
    size of capital: A few hundred. Everyone knows everyone. Like a large family.
    form of government: monarchy. I’m a princess of course.
    sources of natural power: fairy dust
    economic activities: A huge music industry.
    means of transport: white and black horses.
    architecture: cottages and cobblestone streets. A fairytale vibe.
    domestic furniture and equipment: brick oven in every house resulting in outstanding pizza and those beds with the canopies. A lot of velvet. Crosley turntables.
    formal dress: Everyone wheres whatever they please without judgement.
    sources of public information: birds deliver messages from the Queen and King.
    public statues: fountains and beautiful street art of nature.
    public entertainments: live music everywhere.

  4. landscape: A lush green valley surrounded by tall mountains perfect for snowboarding.
    climate: mild summers and cold winters.
    ethnic origin: Doesn’t particularly matter as there will be no discrimination based on ethnic origin.
    language: Everyone speaks English!
    weights and measures: Metric system.
    religion: All religions are accepted.
    size of capital: Roughly half a million people with lots of extra space.
    form of government: The people will govern themselves.
    sources of natural power: Zombies. We will dangle brains in front of zombies on treadmills so that they run and create power.
    economic activities: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
    means of transport: Bicycles, Trains and gondolas
    architecture: Modern homes in the city, rustic cabins elsewhere.
    domestic furniture and equipment: Lots of soft places to sit. Pools and hot tubs everywhere.
    formal dress: Suit and tie for everyone.
    sources of public information: Television, magazines or gossip.
    public statues: All me.
    public entertainments: Free concerts everywhere.

  5. landscape: Seaside, but with easy access to snow-capped mountains. Plenty of rural areas to explore.
    climate:Sunny during the summer, but with plenty of rain in the fall. Guaranteed snow every Christmas.
    ethnic origin: Various ethnic origins.
    language: Some universal language that is known by everyone.
    weights and measures: Metric system.
    religion: Christianity.
    size of capital: About a million: Not too crowded, but not sparsely populated.
    form of government: Theocracy with God in power
    sources of natural power: Solar power, wind power, hydropower, and geothermal energy.
    economic activities: Farming in every house, hunting and trading.
    means of transport: Bikes and skateboards, with pegasi for air travel and submarines for water travel.
    architecture: Everyone lives in earthships, but they’re very advanced and are spacious with indoor and outdoor gardens.
    domestic furniture and equipment: Large armchairs perfect for cuddling in, and fireplaces in every building (including restaurants)
    formal dress: Large ball gowns and gorgeous dresses for the ladies; Suits and ties for the men.
    sources of public information: Libraries that have joinable groups for all ages, and basic school systems for education.
    public statues: Different animals that aren’t native to the area
    public entertainments: Feasts and balls held in large ballrooms, outdoor movie screenings (all events are free)

  6. landscape: -Seaside, waterfalls, mountain and trees, white sandy beaches.
    climate: -Warm in summer, cold in winter. All types of whether to watch but it doesn’t hurt us.
    ethnic origin: -Doesn’t matter
    language: -A language everyone speaks
    weights and measures: -Metric system
    religion: -Christianity
    size of capital: -As big as all the disney put together
    form of government: -God as king
    sources of natural power: -Water, wind, and sun
    economic activities: -Farming, trades, and mining
    means of transport: -Spaceships, trains, Ships, and cars
    architecture: -They live in houses build into the mountains and the house have everything you want and need.
    domestic furniture and equipment:- In every house their would be a kitchen that would make what ever you want, without you having to make anything. Then there would be and movie theatre in one room. And to get to the other level you would take a slide to go down and to go up you would be in a tube that would fly to up.
    formal dress: -What ever we wanted
    sources of public information: -TV mostly but if there was very important news a projection would come up in every room.
    public statues: -I don’t know.
    public entertainments: -Big party on every holiday. One for the young adults, elders, teens, and kids. And there would be parks and competitions.

  7. landscape: Center of the city. Crowded with people and buildings, but there are peaceful spots to be alone like large fields of flowers and beautiful mountains.
    climate: Mostly rainy days, cloudy days and sunny days with a crispness in the air .
    ethnic origin: Why choose just one?
    language: Everyone knows simple English and the beautiful French language.
    weights and measures: Most common, the metric system.
    religion: Personally Christianity, but all beliefs are accepted and respected.
    size of capital: Around 5,000 enough so everyone knows or knows of everyone, but we still meet new people everyday.
    form of government: A lovely, well chosen democracy
    sources of natural power: Happiness.
    economic activities: A wide range of economic activities. Artistic ones like playing music in the streets, writing and making art. As well as those like business and medicine.
    means of transport: Travel by trains, bikes, and old timey cars, as well as walking.
    architecture: Old English buildings, bridges and small rivers of water flowing through the city.
    domestic furniture and equipment: Grand staircases, crackling wood fireplaces, and classy grand pianos which everyone knows how to play
    formal dress: Express yourself! Wear what makes you confident. There will be no judgment here.
    sources of public information: From conversation and interaction, and one huge library
    public statues: Giant clock and bell towers, fountains and beautiful art everywhere
    public entertainments: Lot’s of parades and public gatherings. Including concerts of all types and various events to appeal to everyone’s interests and support.

  8. landscape: islands
    climate: a good toasty 27 degrees on a good day, on a bad day…brutal storms
    ethnic origin: Russian
    language: Russian
    weights and measures: grand
    religion: worship the sea goddess, Calypso
    size of capital: big
    form of government: Pirate Council
    sources of natural power: man power/horse power
    economic activities: creating things out of nature and being
    means of transport: legs, horses or giant pirate ships of war 🙂
    architecture: Old buildings, shacks, tents, huts etc)
    domestic furniture and equipment: wooden chairs, hammocks, barrels
    formal dress: pirate clothes idk, old english style dress that they got from the India trade comp.
    sources of public information: old libraries full of ancient manuscripts
    public statues: of our pirate ancestors, also of Calypso
    public entertainments: music/song and dance, going to taverns, ship racing.

  9. landscape: Seaside with palm trees, with village near by
    climate: warm 23-25 degrees
    ethnic origin: doesn’t matter
    language: language that everyone speaks
    weights and measures: metric system
    religion: Christianity
    size of capital: big enough to contain all the necessary places such as grocery stores, hospital, parks, etc.
    form of government: caring, fair theocracy
    sources of natural power: sun and wind
    economic activities: famous tourist attraction and music
    means of transport: cars, bike, walk
    architecture: blue roofs and white outer appearance
    domestic furniture and equipment: wood
    formal dress: doesn’t matter
    sources of public information: Internet and newspaper
    public statues: beach and beautiful fountain
    public entertainments: surfing, sunbathing; anniversary party that everyone will be dressed up and the party last for 24 hours

  10. landscape: it would be perpetually autumn, in a big city (think new york) there would be greenspace 30 mins away from the main city
    climate: not too hot, not too cold, like 22-24 degrees
    ethnic origin: no preference, anyone is welcome
    language: english majority, but french, and Italian
    weights and measures: Metric System
    religion: religious freedom
    size of capital: lots of people, around 2 million, with lots of room for growth
    form of government: democracy
    sources of natural power: we would be naturally powered and use resources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, as well as other natural resources
    economic activities: gardening, cooking/baking, photography, writing (we’d sell our stories), we’d have a good economy with lots of shops and restaurants
    means of transport: subway, bicycles, electric cars, horses (when you get closer to outside of the city)
    architecture: modern, lots of brick houses, cottages and farms outside the city
    domestic furniture and equipment: rocking chairs, beanbag chairs, canopy beds, fireplaces, long soft couches, lots of paintings
    formal dress: Valentino pre-fall 2015 dresses (the style) or think harry styles and his patterned suits
    sources of public information: newspapers, radio, television, books
    public statues: they’d all be art pieces, commissioned by citizens
    public entertainments: theatre (live and movies), concerts, orchestra, opera

  11. landscape: Beside the ocean with mountains behind it
    climate: Warm but not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter but lots of snow
    ethnic origin: Everybody
    language: English, French, Spanish, and Swedish
    weights and measures: Metric
    religion: Free choice
    size of capital: Large
    form of government: The perfect mix of liberal and conservative
    sources of natural power: Sun and wind
    economic activities: Fishing and forestry
    means of transport: Boats and bikes
    architecture: Old style, from all parts of the world
    domestic furniture and equipment: Economical minded, energy saving and compostable
    formal dress: Italian style
    sources of public information: Magazines, coffee shop newsletters, internet
    public statues: Anne Frank, Florence Nightengale
    public entertainments: Theatre, swimming, hiking, snowboarding

  12. landscape: Lush green meadows, mountains, rivers, countryside style
    climate: not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter (lots of snow)
    ethnic origin: All races
    language: All languages
    weights and measures: Metric System
    religion: Christianity
    size of capital: Many many people
    form of government: God in power
    sources of natural power: sunshine, wind, water, things we can’t suck dry like we’re doing with wood and such
    economic activities: Performing arts, Creating art, music, sports, all activities we have now
    means of transport: Clouds
    architecture: Old school, houses like from the 90s
    domestic furniture and equipment: nothing that’s going to mess up the environment
    formal dress: however you want to dress (dont go overboard on the makeup)
    sources of public information: newspapers
    public statues: inspirational people
    public entertainments: Cat videos

  13. Note: The entire country is encased in an impenetrable see-through dome.
    Country name: Alexandria
    landscape: Roughly the size of Vancouver Island across. It’s on a land mass, on the coast, with a beautiful Ocean shore. The Ocean is accessible for miles, but cuts off due to the Dome semi far out. The major cities are large metropolitan areas, surrounded by thick forested areas.
    climate: Cloudy, roughly ten degrees at all time. The climate is controlled by weather machines.
    ethnic origin: Largely Caucasian, though minorities are present.
    language: English. Though physical confrontation is a language in and of itself.
    weights and measures: One hundred to one hundred and thirty pounds. Everyone must be shorter than the Supreme Ruler.
    religion: Brodie Alexander, Supreme Ruler.
    size of capital: The size of Vancouver.
    form of government: Democratic. (The People’s party of Alexandria has won %100 of the votes for the past thirty-six years.)
    sources of natural power: Solar panels on the outside of the dome.
    economic activities: Theatre, farming, hunting, small and local shops.
    means of transport: The higher class drive, the lower class walk.
    architecture: Houses are packed close together (see: Stuart Little’s house), buildings are large and made of stone.
    formal dress: Suits and dresses.
    sources of public information: Large screens displayed in every major area of cities, regular broadcasts from public officials and the Supreme Ruler himself.
    public statues: Hand-crafted statues of the Supreme Ruler by local artists. All statues must be approved by the Supreme Ruler prior to public display.
    public entertainments: Gladiator fights to the death, Chess matches (to the death), Readers theatre (To the death) and Theatre (To the death, of course)

  14. Landscape: City life, Busy streets, shining lights. But the other half of the city a beautiful forest, with gigantic waterfalls and beautiful caves filled with crystal blue water. The water would have no sharks.
    Climate: Always Sunny, but depending on your mood, it allows the weather to change based on how YOU want it to be. Everyone will see the weather differently. It could be sunny to someone, but rainy to another.
    Ethnicity: Every person living together in harmony.
    Language: Every language, but everyone understands.
    Weights and measurement: Metric
    Religion: What anyone wants it to be. This is a place of free thought and free beliefs. There will be no discrimination against any religions.
    The size of capital: The size of Vancouver, BC.
    A form of Government: We all live together without the need of a rule. Imagine that.
    Sources of natural power: The resources that we have coming from the nature-based side of the capital.
    Economic activities: Farming, Art, Music
    Means of Transport: Jeeps on the city side, bikes on forest side.
    Architecture: The city is filled with skyscrapers, with beautiful views and spacious living. The forest side is filled with tents, those who want to live a more simple life.
    Formal dress: What anyone damn wants.
    Sources of Public info: Mail and Texts
    Public Statues: The art we create.
    Public Entertainments: Concerts and music festivals, art galleries, hiking, camping.

  15. Landscape: Lush forest
    Climate: room tempature
    Ethnicity: everyones green
    Language: teen lingo
    Religion: God of swag
    The size of capital: large
    A form of Government: the council of cool kids
    Sources of natural power: fire beats
    Economic activities: spitting bars of course
    Means of Transport: moms mini van
    Architecture: every building is in the shape of that cool looking S symbol everyone drew in middle school
    Formal dress: everything yeezy
    Sources of Public info: tinder
    Public Statues: a large statue of dj Khaled
    Public Entertainments: Full contact rapping

  16. landscape: A forest with soft grass, in it is rooted tall strong trees. A river flows through it, the water is crystal clear and restores health and wellness to one who drinks it.
    climate: The air is warm yet refreshing
    ethnic origin: All live together in one place, in community
    language: Song
    weights and measures: Metric
    religion: All religions and beliefs are accepted. There is no discrimination.
    size of capital: 1 million
    form of government: Govern ourselves in small communities
    sources of natural power: the sun, and wind turbines
    economic activities: fishing, hunting, writing, drawing, singing by fireside, swimming, and climbing
    means of transport: running, cycling, horse riding
    architecture: forts in the stable trees, homes (cabins) in the fields by the forest
    formal dress: What anyone feels comfortable in
    sources of public information: Mail and verbal communication
    public statues: The art that is made by the people
    public entertainments: Dancing, Singing, Theatre, whatever someone wants to share to a large audience

  17. Landscape: Antique architecture, wide straight streets with tall trees along the sides
    Climate: Around 25 degrees
    Ethnic origin: Every ethnic group live in harmony
    Language: Mandarin Chinese or English
    Weights and measures: Metric system
    Religion: Free to believe to any religion
    Size of capital: Slightly bigger than Vancouver BC, with lots of people
    Form of government: Democracy
    Sources of natural power: Water, the sun, water, wind
    Economic activities: Tourism, trading
    Means of transport: Cars, or even carriages
    Architecture: Antique style, individual houses with large yards
    Domestic furniture and equipment: Wooden antique style
    Formal dress: Doesn’t matter (I’ll be wearing Han Chinese Clothing)
    Sources of public information: Newspaper, mail, internet
    Public statues: Art made by ourselves
    Public entertainments: Parks, concerts, karaoke, dancing parties, movies, plays, etc.

  18. Landscape: White sand, vast warm lakes, beach huts and marble pathways
    Climate: Around 28 degrees in the summer, 20 in the winter
    Ethnic Origin: Everyone lives together
    Language: English and Spanish
    Weights and Measures: Metric System
    Religion: Any peaceful belief is welcome
    Size of Capital: Size of Maple Ridge, small population
    Form of Government: Democracy
    Sources of natural power: Wind, water, sun.
    Economic Activities: Trading
    Transportation: Cars, sky train, bikes, boats
    Architecture: Modern style, Apartments, individual housing
    Domestic furniture and equipment: Modern and the newest equipment
    Formal dress: Dress for comfort
    Sources of Public Information: Floating Projections with big news and newspapers
    Public Statues: Art Universities sculptures
    Public entertainment: Swimming, skydiving, tubing, concerts, beach volleyball, movie theater(in the winter only)

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