Weekly Response #11: It Was A Dream

Tell us a dream you remember. Take us into this dream using descriptive language. Write in first-person if possible.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Response #11: It Was A Dream

  1. A dream i remember having was when i was 10. The dream started with me in a home with a round table in front of me and a kitchen behind that. On the table i saw a small puzzle with a drawing beside it that looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old. Walking over to the kitchen, i looked around for some food to make thinking that i still needed to make my son dinner. After looking around a bit finding no food i decided to go to the store to buy some before my son got home from school. My vision went blurred and i found my self at the store buying food. I looked behind me to see who was in the line behind me, i saw a small old man staring at me. a bit unnerved i looked away finding myself back at the house again cooking the food i bought in the oven, looking at the clock built in to the stove i saw that is was time to pick up my son. looking out the window i saw the old man in the street and when i looked back i was at my sons school. all the lights were off but the doors were unlocked, walking in to the school i made my way down a long hallway, i started getting nervous wondering where my son was. Turning around i saw the old man again walking to me. i yelled at me asking where my son was and woke up.

  2. It was night time in Harris Road Park, and my mom and I were walking around in the huge field. All of a sudden a group of men in black clothing and black hoods jumped out of nowhere. They had hoods over their face so we couldn’t see their faces. They drew handguns and assault rifles and all of a sudden my mom and I had guns. We started shooting at each other until me and my mom had to run away. We ran through this tunnel that materialized from out of nowhere and as we ran through it my mom disappeared. All of a sudden I was on a space ship shooting other spaceships in a huge battle. Then it ended. That was it.

  3. I don’t always remember my dreams but the rare one that comes to my mind is from a couple months ago on a warm spring morning. This dream was very vivid and weird and I couldn’t tell if there was some sort of spiritual meaning to it or not from how real it felt. I remember floating in space with a deep abyssal sound that made me weak to my knees. I remember it like I was really in space staring at the colourful spread out nebulas. After this experience happened I remember the abyssal feeling of space turning into more of a photo and I pulled the photo away from my face. I looked up from the photograph and saw that I was in a desert while the frame of the desert kept rolling around in a circle type motion. I remember almost being levitated from the desert ground looking up into the purple sky and seeing 3 suns shaped in a triangle with a hand reaching out to me from the middle of the triangle shaped suns. Until today I still ponder this wonderful experience of a dream I had, I can’t wait to one day find out what the meaning behind it was.

  4. I was walking with my family around what looked like a construction site. There were skyscrapers along the left side of me and in front of one of the outer doors there is a goat. The goat is eating some hay and drinking water from a dish. In the middle of the street is the construction site and around whatever is being done there is a bright orange, mesh like fence. My mum wasn’t paying attention to where she was walking and she got separated from the group along with my brother. So, now my brother and my mum are on the right side and my dad and I are on the left side of the bright orange fence. By now you weren’t able to go around the fence anymore because something was in the way, so my dad and I were yelling at my mum and my brother to climb the fence. My brother started to climb the fence and he made it over, but my mum said that she couldn’t climb the fence while she was telling us this she was crying and she knew she should climb the fence, but she just wasn’t able to. I was standing on the other side yelling very passionately for her to climb the fence and in the end she slowly climbed over the fence. Once we were all regrouped together, there was an earthquake so we had to go hide with goat because there was an overhang that covers us and the goat to protect us from anything that fell. Then when the earthquake was over we walked out.

  5. I keep having this dream about a scientist that creates a mermaid. the dream takes place in my old house up stairs. i come out of my room and the scientist says “Jacob this is my new creation.” the mermaid gurgles something and does a backflip down the stairs which is flooded.

  6. Of the two memorable dreams of my childhood, one is a nightmare and the other… isn’t. Here’s the latter.

    In the backyard of my childhood home in Surrey, there grew an apple tree and a dense evergreen, spaced evenly through the grassy yard. Attached to the second story was a faded blue porch, with a slightly darker plank staircase that ran along the side of the house. Oddly enough, the dream changed as the yard did – when my family bought a trampoline, I vaguely recall the trampoline being placed in the scene of my dream as well.

    Many children, if not all, dream of flying. I’m certainly no exception, as this dream was made memorable by that very event. An old habit of mine that faded over time was that I would occasionally cool myself down in bed by curling up with one leg over the top of the blankets, and the other underneath – almost as if I were riding a bicycle. In the dream, this became interesting because I would “pedal” up into the air. I can’t recall whether my hands were hanging by my side or grasping onto some invisible handlebar, but I know for sure that I visualized – and perhaps felt? – myself pedalling upwards and forwards, although more of the former and less of the latter, almost as if I was following a steep math equation. Whilst pedalling slowly, I would rise at a correspondingly gradual pace. For reasons that are beyond my conscious ability, I never seemed to speed up or rise higher – and thus, I never reached the true sky, just a dozen feet or so off of the ground before my dream would reach its inconclusive end.

    Despite this unsatisfying turnout, or perhaps because of it, I find myself longing for that sensation of gentle flight whenever I reflect on that childhood dream.

  7. I can’t remember when I had this dream, but in it I am 3 or 4 years old. I wake up and crawl out of my crib. Making sure not to wake up Miky I sneak out of my room. I shuffle through the kitchen to go to my dad who is in the other room laying on a couch. I excitedly run to him to give him a big hug but when I reach the couch all that’s on it is a small fisher-price toy of a man. Staring down at it in confusion I say, “Daddy?”. The toy slowly turns its head to me. I scream in fear because my dad has turned into a toy and I cry because I’ll never get my dad back.
    The scene changes and I am standing in the midst of hundreds of gears. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock… I realize I am in the top of a clock tower. I walk around this one giant gear and see the back of a person. A feeling inside me tells me this is my dad. I walk up to him and he turns around to face me. What I am faced with is not my dad but a mannequin. I start to step back and he begins to move towards me. His white blank face bends down to mine. I quickly turn around to run away and look in search for a route of escape. From all directions mannequins pop up from behind the turning gears. They step out and surround me. They proceed to walk towards me in unison. All of their empty faces on me. Their steps grow more forceful the closer they get. Then I am face to face with my dads white empty face. Looking at it fear builds up in my stomach and the urge to scream is unbearable.
    I actually woke up after this because my fear grew so strong. Since having this nightmare I cannot touch that fisher-price toy and mannequins freak me out. Especially the mannequin my dad was, I can’t look those in the face. I also remember not being able to hug my dad for a few days because he scared me. This nightmare messed me up for a bit.

  8. I always have dreams of running away from something (usually a male in the form of a criminal). Usually when you have dreams like these, many say it is a sign that you are running away from real conflict in your life and that you need to face it. Being chased by criminals is a warning you need to guard yourself against others who may try to use you in the future. If they are swearing and cursing as they run after you, this reflects your own feelings of anger in real life. It is a sign you need to stay silent and quiet. Beware of losing your temper. Or, the consequences will be bad.
    One of my greatest fears is being taken, kidnapped and hurt. These are usually the kind of dreams that I have. Someone who wants to hurt me is chasing me, and it doesn’t even feel like I am running. It’s as if I’m melting in cement, stuck in place. The man will get closer and closer and I stay, screaming deafeningly into nothing and nobody can hear me. The figure never takes me, though, my dream will always end just as he is about to grab me. I scream from the inside out and wake up gasping for air, pinching myself to know if I am now in the real world.

  9. This is probably the earliest dream I can remember. It was when I was five, a few days before my grandfather’s death. In my dream, grandpa was lying in bed, weak and skinny, and I was sitting beside him just like real life. His breath was so weak that I could hardly hear it. While I held his hands and talked to him excitedly, he was just looking at me without a word. His eyes were hollow but loving. His breath slowly weakened to nothing, and his body began to disappear, leaving only bones behind. Sorrow and fear flooded me. I ran to his study and dipped a paintbrush in black ink. The ink was dripping onto the floor along with my tears. My hands were shaking as I dropped two drops of ink into the two empty holes where grandpa’s eyes were. Then his body began to reappear and grandpa is alive again! Real eyes were formed at where the ink was dropped. He talked with me a little bit in his faint voice, but then he would die again and leave me alone with the bones, so I would take the paintbrush again to bring him back to life… This process repeated for a few times until it stopped working. At the end, my paintbrush wasn’t working any more, and grandpa was gone forever. I woke up from crying, feeling super sad and scared. Although it was only a dream, my grandfather really did die a few days later. As a kid, I blamed myself for years for not being able to save grandpa at the end of my dream, because I thought that the dream was a preview of reality: if grandpa stayed alive in my dream, he wouldn’t have died in real life either.

  10. A dream that I still remember is I fight with another boy. I always check the news on a App before I sleep. A news just catch my eyes, that is about a boy kick another girl in university, but not one help. I feel really angry and sad, what is the reason make the world become so cold and live without humanity. Maybe this news make my brain become excite, I dream that I become one of the person stand by the side, and watching everything happened in front of my eyes. I can see the tear fall from the girl’s eyes, she wants to ask other people to help, but no one stand to stop. I can feel the blood crush my brain, I stand out with my shake voice, because I am timid person. “Stop!” I stand to shoot to the the boy’s back, but he just ignore me, I am so angry, so I throw my phone to his head, finally he have reaction about where the voice come from. He start to said that is not your own business, get off my way. I can tell that he had very scary face, strong and ugly. I have a huge argument with him, but I don’t remember what I said to him. Suddenly, he grab a knife from the pocket and stab to my stomach, I can feel that is really hurt, I still can feel the blood on my hand. The next step I did shock me until now, I dream about that I take out the knife on my stomach, and use the mostly power to stab to the boy twice, and I awake from the dream…

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