Journalism: Film Review

What you’ll need:

  1. Scan through the Keynote presentations below.
  2. Read reviews you find on websites, magazines, and so forth (keeping in mind credibility).
  3. Use the Film Review Rubric as you pen your on film review on a film of your choice.

Presentation: Intro to Film Critics

Presentation: The Film Review

Presentation: Film Production Basics


Weekly Response #12: Childhood Story

Tell us the title of your favourite childhood story.  Briefly recap the story, as well as any details connected to how you encountered this story (for example, was it read to you by your grandma?). Why do you think it was your favourite?  How did it capture your attention?

Short Story Assignment

Assignment:  To write a short story.  

This must be your own work.  Plagiarism (idea theft) is absolutely prohibited. Borrowing ideas from other stories is inevitable, but originality is important to obtain a passing mark on this assignment. The story must fulfill the following goals.

  1. The story must have a minimum of 1000 words. Try not to go beyond 15 pages. 
  2. The story must have all elements of a complete short story.
  3. Show that you grasp the idea of archetypes (studied in our Hero’s Journey Modules) to empower your narrative.
  4. The story must show evidence of careful editing.
  5. The story must be turned in by the deadline.

Due Date:  Completed short story project is due __________________________ by 3:15. It can be turned in well before the deadline.

Items you must complete and turn in

  1. A rough draft — due Friday, Nov 18
  2. A revised draft — due Wednesday, Nov 23
  3. A revised final draft — due Friday, Nov 25

Topic & Genre

Your story can be about any topic you want and follow any genre(s) or style(s).

Elements of a short story

  1. Plot (Meaningful sequence and development)
  2. Characterization (Intentional development of characters directly or indirectly)
  3. Setting (Time and place, may change)
  4. Conflict (See notes on conflict)
  5. P.O.V. (See notes on POV from prior classes)
  6. Theme (Theme does not need to be overtly stated! The theme [underlying message or statement about life, etc.] should be apparent to a reader if all of the previous elements are carefully thought through.)