Journalism: Film Review

What you’ll need:

  1. Scan through the Keynote presentations below.
  2. Read reviews you find on websites, magazines, and so forth (keeping in mind credibility).
  3. Use the Film Review Rubric as you pen your on film review on a film of your choice.

Presentation: Intro to Film Critics

Presentation: The Film Review

Presentation: Film Production Basics


The Count Of Monte Cristo

View this class content: The Seven Types of Story: Plot & Archetype in Fiction

Using the material from the link above, the previous post on The Hero’s Journey, the post on the Seven Types of Story, and your viewing of The Count of Monte Cristo (Reynolds, 2002), write a piece (essay is preferred) responding to this prompt:

What plot types are present in the 2002 film The Count of Monte Cristo? Give evidence from plot events for each plot type you recognize. Also make mention of key characters and their archetypes during your discussion of plot.

Assessment criteria:

  • Plot types correctly recognized
  • Key character archetypes and key plot events are worked into the piece
  • Suggested word count: 700-1000 words (3 to 4 pages, double-spaced)
  • Shows commitment to purposeful diction and writing mechanics

First draft due Tuesday. Fully revised draft due Friday.

Film Review Workshop

What are the elements of film?  How can you write a good film review?  What do you need to know to achieve this purpose?

Today you will be walking through several tutorials that will help you learn more about the elements of film and how to write a good film review.  You will:

  1. Create a Google Doc titled “Film Review Notes-Your Name”
  2. Walk through the following tutorials taking notes in the Google Doc as you go:
    1. Tutorial #1
    2. Tutorial #2
    3. Tutorial #3
  3. Remember as you go through to take good notes.  You are SUMMARIZING the information from these tutorials.  On your Google Doc write the title of each tutorial and then put your notes in bullet form beneath.
  4. When you have finished all three, share the Google Doc with Mr. Ketchum AND Mrs. Sowerby.  You will be receiving participation marks for the work that you do today and what you put down in the document.

Things to Remember:

  • Copy and Paste is fine but then you MUST EDIT!
  • Create a Bibliography where you cite the sources in proper MLA format.
  • Summarizing is not just copying, it is creating your own set of notes that is not too wordy but contains the important information. You are showing us evidence of decluttering and simplifying.
  • You must work efficiently!

DUE DATE:  THURSDAY, October 31, 2013 

Tuesday: Music Reviews

NOTE: You will need to practice self-discipline today. We are going to spend time online listening and reading and interacting with material, and you need to say no to distractions.

  1. Get a Writer’s Inc copy from the shelf. Locate the Music Reviews guide and read the page(s) thoroughly.

  2. Note down in your notebook a summary of what you read about a music review.

  3. Add anything they believe Writer’s Inc. might have missed or could have said better.

  4. On a laptop, visit one of the following sites:





  5. Find an album review and read it twice carefully, taking it in. Take your time. Then journal on the following questions, with the title “__________________ (Album) Review Found on __________________” (web site name):

    1. Does this review contain an effective introduction? Explain why or why not?

    2. Does this review contain an effective conclusion? Explain why or why not.

    3. What is strong about this review?

    4. What is unique about this review?

    5. What could be improved about this review?

  6. Now, find an album that YOU would like to review (any album, old or new). It needs to be one you can listen to beginning to end (you need access to the full-length album). You might try a music site like Grooveshark or Soundcloud. Today is going to be a preparation day. You are to plug in your headphones, find a spot in the classroom away from others, and listen carefully and thoughtfully to the album. Later in the week we will be writing a review. Listen for these things, and begin drafting on your laptop:

    1. Lyric interpretations

    2. Musical stylings

    3. Their appraisals

    4. Their criticisms

    5. Other information relevant to a strong review. (Might want to research the album…)