Essay Writing Unit


We will be polishing your academic and professional writing skills over the next two weeks. Our goal is to bolster your academic success, as well as engage you in a topic of your choosing, about which you are interested in learning more.

  1. Choose a topic about which you are interested in learning more.
  2. Spend time gathering. Research, read, immerse yourself. Breathe in.
  3. Develop your first draft. Your draft does not need to be polished, but it must be complete in the following ways:
    1. Intro, body, and conclusion each do their job
    2. References are cited
    3. A bibliography is present
    4. MRCS Header
  4. Turn in your first draft by Wednesday 21st September
  5. Receive feedback, incorporate feedback into your second draft.
  6. Turn in second draft by Wednesday 28th September.
  7. Receive feedback and six-traits-writing-rubric.
  8. Choose to keep your mark or resubmit a third draft by end of week.
  9. Keep your final copy for your end-of-term Portfolio.

Resource: Media Analysis Unit


Driving Question 1: What makes an effective review/analysis piece?

Driving Question 2: How can the skill of analysis enhance my writing skills?

Driving Question 3: What story am I telling through my media analysis?


Writing a Music Review PDF notes

Writing 12 Intro to Film Critics PDF notes

Writing 12 Film Review 2 PDF guide