Writer’s Inc Scavenger Hunt

Follow this link. Make a copy of it and add your name in the title so it looks like this:
“Writer’s Inc Scavenger Hunt-Meagan”.

Then begin hunting through the Writer’s Inc guidebook for the page or pages that contain the information asked for. Write the page or pages down, and check out that page for future reference.

The whole thing should take about 15 minutes.


If you finish early, continue working on your essay final draft by revising and rewriting, or work on your Author Project (that’s due in early October).


Weekly Response #2

We have spent a week in class discussing writing and the various aspects of traditional writing.  We have talked a bit about the process of writing and how to start, follow through, and create a finished product.  Keeping the process of writing in mind please answer the following questions in the comment space below by class time on Friday, September 13.

1.  What part of the writing process seems to come the easiest to you?

2.  Which part of the writing process is the most difficult for you?

3.  Which part of the writing process do you feel that you need to work on the most and what will “working on it” look like for you?

Weekly Response #16

What is a powerful force in the world? Choose a force and explain its power, giving reasons for your answer in an expository paragraph. You can be as figurative (imagination) or literal (gravity) as you like.

This will be the final weekly response for the class, and it will be due June 14.